KDEM and Mikro Grafeio Services Pt. Ltd. Signs MOU To Proliferating Growth in Emerging Cities Across Karnataka

KDEM and Mikro Grafeio Services Pt. Ltd. Signs MOU To Proliferating Growth in Emerging Cities Across Karnataka

Bengaluru, May 2022: The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) in its endeavor to augment India’s start-up ecosystem and collaborative innovation, today entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mikro Grafeio Services Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, Karnataka Digital Economy Mission Pvt Ltd. (KDEM), and Mr. Santosh Mahalingam, CEO, Mikro Grafeio Services Pvt. Ltd., signed an MOU on 27th April 2022 in Bengaluru, to promote ‘Beyond Bengaluru’ mission to key emerging cities and districts across the State of Karnataka through enhanced collaborative initiatives.

This MOU is aimed to bring about a necessary change in the outlook of commercial spaces in cities beyond Bengaluru for the right social and economic impact to make its mark.

The Beyond Bengaluru program of KDEM is spearheading the mission of proliferating the growth of the digital economy in clusters beyond Bangalore by identifying potential clusters in the state. The program aims at building a community of key industry players, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, academia, accelerators, and the student community, the Beyond Bengaluru program of KDEM is steering towards getting investments and generating employment in the state.

Mikro Grafeio Services Pvt. Ltd. is a social impact start-up that aims at creating employment opportunities in Tier 2 & 3 towns; they support Hybrid work models by offering flexible workspaces for employees to work from their hometowns. With the support of KDEM, it hopes to motivate enterprises and organizations to set up their global offshore capabilities in Mysore, Mangalore, and Hubbali clusters by developing and pooling resources & creating a plug and play infrastructure. Plans also include engaging with the Hospitality Industry to optimize the existing inventories and setting up sector-specific incubation centers.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, CEO (KDEM) highlighted the benefits of Mikro Grafeio’s solutions in promoting economic growth in Tier 2 & 3 cities, thus aligning with KDEM’s vision for the future of Karnataka. He added, “In view of the new normal, Tier2/3 cities in Mangaluru, Mysuru and Hubbali clusters have showcased tremendous potential. KDEM and MGS shall aim to work together towards setting up global offshore capabilities in Beyond Bengaluru clusters. We also hope that this development will also help women empowerment and strengthen efforts in diversity inclusion, by offering fair opportunities with the comfort of working closer to home”.

Mr. Santhosh Mahalingam, CEO, Mikro Grafeio Services reflected on the overall social sustainability and impact of this collaboration with KDEM through this MOU. “As a startup conscious about ESG, we have been focused on bridging the digital divide and empowering local economies by providing universal access to entrepreneurial and professional opportunities, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. We also intend to optimize our skilling expertise to meet the requirements of KDEM’s Talent Accelerator ecosystem in emerging cities and towns to advance sector-specific talent development initiatives.”

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