Kohe Launches Professional Kitchen Scissors

Kohe Launches Professional Kitchen Scissors

Kohe, one of the leading names in culinary essentials, has launched its newest product, the kitchen scissors. Kohe is one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to getting your hands on various kitchen blades. From knives to peelers, Kohe has it all. The recent addition to their exclusive range are the kitchen scissors, a must-have in every kitchen.

The Kohe Kitchen Scissors are perfect for multi-purpose cutting tasks. Its serrated edges avoid slippage and come with a fish scaler to remove scales perfectly. The Kohe Kitchen Scissors have a profiled blade which makes it ideal for cutting through stems and bones. It is extremely user-friendly, and its ergonomic handle ensures easy movement and control over all actions.

One of the traits that make the Kohe Kitchen Scissors stand out against its other counterparts is its detachable blades. The detachable blades on Kohe Kitchen Scissors make them easy to be cleaned, thus increasing their life.

The Kohe Kitchen Scissors is a multi-purpose tool that is the demand of every professional chef, home chefs, and even first timers. It makes a lot of tasks simpler and the entire cooking process faster. Apart from simple tasks like opening milk pouches, sachets and tetra packs, the scissors can also be used for cutting vegetable stems, spring onions, leafy vegetables, poultry, and scaling fish.

Time and again Kohe has delivered on its promise for quality and reliability. The brand constantly innovates its products to empower cooking enthusiasts and enables them to express their own identity and stay unique.

As manufacturers of a range of premium knives and peelers, Kohe products enable regular cooks, amateurs and professional chefs alike to showcase their skills to the world, in a unique fashion. Each and every product is carefully crafted and backed by years of expertise and that’s why Kohe is a trusted brand in the culinary world today. The products falling under the Kohe umbrella are innovative and good in quality that enables their users to create a picture-perfect dish.

With a mission to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality products in the world, KGOC, Kohe’s parent company aims to help people organize their ideas and lives by enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

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