LS Digital Introducing DigiVerse 2.0, a Comprehensive Solution That Transforms Digital Marketing Operations

LS Digital Introducing DigiVerse 2.0, a Comprehensive Solution That Transforms Digital Marketing OperationsMumbai, India  July 03rd, 2024:  LS Digital, a leader in digital business transformation, announced the launch of DigiVerse 2.0, an innovative Operations Management Platform designed to address the critical gaps and latent needs in digital business transformation, while also preparing brands for the AI-driven future. Digiverse 2.0, the next-generation solution is an innovative platform designed to empower decision makers in navigating the complexities of businesses.

One of the standout features of DigiVerse 2.0 is its capability to make brands AI-ready. By capturing data in a structured format and maintaining historic data, DigiVerse 2.0 ensures that brands have access to high-quality, structured data crucial for AI applications and future readiness.

Commenting on this launch, Mr. Vinay Tamboli, CEO – Data & Insights, LS Digital said, “By providing greater control, visibility, and collaboration, DigiVerse 2.0 empowers brands to transform their digital marketing operations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. DigiVerse is designed to unlock significant productivity gains, enhance decision-making ability, and prepare organizations for an AI-driven future.”

As digital business continues to evolve, there are unprecedented opportunities for brands to innovate and excel. With consumers increasingly engaging through digital channels, brands can harness this shift to build stronger connections and drive growth. However, digital business is becoming more complex and time-consuming, and the “operations” aspect remains a neglected area, often receiving low attention and priority. “In today’s digital business landscape, efficiency and quick insights are crucial. The current fragmented approach slows down businesses and hampers their ability of decision makers to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Poor operations management of digital business might result into 20% to 30% revenue loss and even impact brand image. Digiverse 2.0 is designed to streamline these processes, integrating multiple tools into one platform to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness,” Vinay Tamboli further commented.

DigiVerse 2.0 offers a transformative approach to digital business by:

  • Streamlining Operations: For multi-product, multi-agency, multi-campaign, and multi-channel brands, DigiVerse minimizes the time decision makers spend on coordination and follow-ups, allowing more focus on strategy and data analysis.
  • Reducing Reporting DelaysDigiVerse accelerates the reporting process, providing timely and accurate data for decision-making, which helps prevent missed opportunities and revenue loss.
  • Minimizing Manual Processes: By reducing the reliance on manual processes and Excel sheets, DigiVerse enhances data accuracy and reliability.
  • Enhancing Visibility and ControlDigiVerse provides decision makers with comprehensive views of campaign progress, budget status, and overall workflow, improving transparency and accountability.
  • Facilitating CollaborationDigiVerse supports end-to-end digital business operations, including media plans, change tracking, approvals, repository management, and agency payment monitoring.
  • Integrating Data for Advanced AnalyticsDigiVerse enables the creation of a Marketing Data Lake, facilitating the use of AI and ML applications for deeper insights and optimization.

Digiverse 2.0 reduces the time it takes for decision-makers and marketers to arrive at solutions, improving business outcomes significantly. DigiVerse 2.0 aims to fill that gap and make digital business operations efficient by embedding best practice processes in the platform and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration among business, marketing, IT, security teams, agencies, and partners.

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