Luxury silverware by Rezon, that make the perfect festive gift!


Rezon is a name synonymous with luxury silver artifacts, not just in India but across the globe. The versatile Kalyani Saha Chawla, the founder of Rezon, recently launched Silver Lining, a curated collection to celebrate the brand’s fifth anniversary. Kalyani’s collections are updated every year, and resonate across contemporary lifestyles and decor options, with the timeless Lotus collection and the Secret Garden collection evoking a modern floral paradise. The cutting of the sheets of silver for the massive array of products is carried out in Jaipur.

Traditional methods of silversmithing and modern design form the core of each piece here. From interpretations of Kalyani Chawla’s favorite flower – the lotus to underwater motifs (courtesy of her attraction to the beach), the inspiration for each piece is eclectic and contemporary. It’s an opinion she strongly holds, and hence trousseau shopping and curation is an important aspect of the business. Silver is a very auspicious metal in India and whether it’s a birth, a wedding, or any special occasion, it is the preferred gift because of the good luck associated with it.

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