Maate enters a new era of connecting deeply with consumers across India!

Maate enters a new era of connecting deeply with consumers across India!

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Mumbai, August 2022: Maate, a consciously designed 360° wellness brand and a by-product of Priyanka Raina’s unique perspective on parenthood, introduces its new visual identity. The company’s essence, which remains faithful to motherhood, is still embodied in the new brand identity, which undergoes a considerable alteration. Through constant research and innovation, Maate continues to bring the potency of herbs in an improved formulation. The brand’s new, playful and colourful avatar appeals to the child within.

The founders of the company, Priyanka and Suresh Raina, set out with a simple and clear objective in their mind: to create a premium baby product brand made in India that all mothers could use without raising their eyebrows, free from the worry of dangerous chemicals, and in phase with the rising number of observant and cautious consumers. For Priyanka’s firstborn, her search for high-quality, environmentally friendly items made her realise that there are several natural beauty products available for adults, but there are only selective options for kids. She sought advice from specialists, researched production, and was involved closely in the process to create items without the use of chemicals to create something which is natural, vegan, and sustainable at the same time. The project started late in 2016 and thus the birth of Maate, a purely homegrown brand, right from product to packaging.

On asked about Priyanka’s belief about motherhood, she says, “Maate creates an incredibly unique experience for each mother that allows them to choose what’s best for their child.” Today, Maate has come a long way. It has become more informed, has more insight into what it is that its customers want, and most importantly, what Maate can do to make itself better. The new brand identity comes at a pivotal moment in Maate’s re-evaluation of itself and its future. Maate’s ethics and ideologies are matched with the new identity as it continues to look ahead, creating a distinct aura around itself.

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