MIROTECH – India’s 1st smart connected travel gear from the house of VIP Industries launched at Metro Cash & Carry!

MIROTECH – India’s 1st smart connected travel gear from the house of VIP Industries launched at Metro Cash & Carry!

Bengaluru, 16th April 2022: Heralded as the titan supremo in the luggage business for over 50 years, VIP industries has always considered customer satisfaction as their number one priority. Delivering on that promise, is their newest launch, ‘MIROTECH,’ a technologically infused range, which is set to revolutionize the future of travel. This sparkling new range of smart connected travel gear was launched in the heart of the city this evening at Metro Cash & Carry in the presence of key officials from VIP Industries and Metro Cash & Carry.

While we may revel in the fact that we own smart-phones, smart-speakers and smart-ACs, why is our travel routine so technologically archaic? Why do we still let lost luggage wreck our vacations, that we’ve finally managed to plan after years? Imagine going to an overseas destination and losing a bag full of valuables. Or going for a business trip and getting delayed because of your missing bag! MIROTECH, India’s 1st SMART CONNECTED TRAVEL GEAR via the SMARTECH series is an absolute solution to this. Equipped with the technology to alert the user on phone, you can now stay connected to the whereabouts of your luggage spanning from its proximity and arrival updates on a single click.

With commendable features like the separation alert, arrival alert, location tracker and find my bag alarm feature, a single notification lays the groundwork of what we call the ‘best traveling experience of your life.’ Hereby, it’s no revelation that Microtech by VIP Industries is a sure-shot route to empowering customers.

Speaking about the new launch, Praful Gupta, Vice-President, Marketing, VIP Industries Limited says, “A fuss-free travel experience reigns supreme. As the pandemic woes seem to wind up, the average traveling statistics are gaining traction due to increased numbers. Leisure and business travel have both gained momentum yet again. Here’s where our product comes in at the right time. This launch encapsulates what a real amalgamation between tech, innovation & travel should look like.”

Commenting on the occasion, Sunaina Calapa, Director – Offer Management and SCM, Metro Cash & Carry said, “We are proud to present this platform for the launch of VIP’s all new Smartech series of luggage. MIROTECH by VIP is surely going to receive great response from our customers and we are delighted to be a part of this launch. At Metro we believe in introducing products and services that will help elevate our customers’ experience and this launch is certainly a step in that direction.”

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