“Mobileum uncovers 5G and AI: Telecom’s Emerging Technologies at ‘Telecom Tech Reimagined’

“Mobileum uncovers 5G and AI: Telecom’s Emerging Technologies at ‘Telecom Tech Reimagined’

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Bengaluru, November 22, 2022: Mobileum, a global leader in telecom analytics solutions, organised a virtual networking event for tech professionals to explore career opportunities with Mobileum. First in a projected series, the event on ‘5G & AI: Telecom’s Emerging Technologies’ was hosted virtually on November 19, 2022. Powered by Careernet, India’s leading talent solutions provider, the event focused on engaging with talent from the tech and telecom industries under one roof, to facilitate meaningful career experiences with Mobileum.

Through this event, Mobileum provided a platform for its audience to learn how to harness the tremendous potential of 5G and AI to optimise customer experience, deliver exponential growth through monetisation and data management, enhance service and network assurance and ensure cyber-security and risk management.

Last year, the company opened its Bengaluru facility amid strong global growth momentum as telcos increasingly roll out 5G networks, launch IoT services, and accelerate their digital transformation. Further, Careernet offers a platform to software professionals, telecom professionals, CSP leaders, engineering leaders, product managers, and data scientists to explore career opportunities with Mobileum.

During the event, Amit Jain, Vice President – Marketing, Mobileum, an expert in product management and product marketing, addressed the audience with a presentation on ‘the role of artificial intelligence in the future of 5G and beyond’. He walked the audience through the transformational impact and potential role of 5G, future business models and how AI will enhance the customer experience. As 5G and AI are two of the most disruptive technologies the world is witnessing today, he shared some insights on the scope of their combined potential.

He said, “AI is playing an essential role in enhancing 5G network and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) investments and will further enhance 5G capabilities for CSPs to go beyond connectivity. 5G and AI together will enable CSPs to support a wide range of use cases across verticals – playing a critical role across industries. The right blend of 5G and AI will be a game-changer for the telecom world and almost every other industry.”

On the occasion, Anshuman Das, CEO and Co-Founder, Careernet, said, “We, as a holistic ctalent solutions provider, foresee the requirements of our clients based on the emerging technologies and industry trends. With the advent of new technology and its development, clients demand talent with unique or defined skill sets to fulfill their business requisites. We recommend such interactions, educational workshops, and upskilling programmes to open avenues and engage with talented professionals which consequently builds a strong employer brand. Hiring for tech roles in the telecom sector is picking up pace with the rollout of 5G services for consumers and enterprises. We see a surge in demand for network engineers, software developers, cloud specialists, data analysts, and test engineers to support 5G deployment. Such initiatives inspire more employers to explore innovative arenas and pave the way for attracting and retaining the talent pool.”

The event culminated with a half-hour-long networking session, where candidates from diverse arenas interacted with the experts from Mobileum and explored job opportunities as well.

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