Naiknavare Developers Team Up with Marathi Celebrity Stars to Launch its Upcoming Project Kutumb

Naiknavare Developers Team Up with Marathi Celebrity Stars to Launch its Upcoming Project Kutumb

September 1 2022, … Pune: Pune-based Naiknavare Developers, well-known for its well-thought-out community-centric residential and commercial projects across Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Goa, recently launched India’s one-of-a-kind theme-based project – Kutumb – an intergenerational community project brought to life in collaboration with a Bangalore-based company focused on senior care, Primus. In a bid to launch, as well as introduce the concept of intergenerational living among viewers and potential consumers, the real estate developer undertook the filming of a promotional video for the same project that featured top-listed Marathi film and television actors like Dr. Mohan Agashe, Shubhangi Damle, Purnima Dey, Pankaj Vishnu, and Niranjana.

Dr. Mohan Agashe, who is also a psychiatrist and head of the mental health department at Sasoon, Padma Shree recipient, has been roped in as the face of the brand. The filming project is being spearheaded by Janak Sharma from Zoommantra Production. Kutumb, which addresses the familial reality of current times coupled with the need for technology-driven living space, emerges as a complex yet essential concept that requires a clear portrayal.

The film that features the cited Marathi actors depicts the union of a tightly knit family comprising of three generations – an elderly couple, a mid-aged couple donning the role of a son and daughter-in-law, and a young granddaughter. What brings them together is the new property at Kutumb, where all three generations take occupancy and rekindle not only their relationship but also their familial values. The series of short films rightfully demonstrates the importance of having a multi-generational family living together in today’s fast-paced lives and retaining the bond and values; all of which are possible by staying under one roof. The project’s USPs: comfort and convenience have also been aptly addressed via the short film.

The objective of Naiknavare Developers and Primus through Kutumb, as well as this short film, is to promote the beauty and sanctity of a traditional Indian joint-family system and the opportunity to have comfort, convenience, and security by means of tech-enabled solutions designed by Primus allowing the freedom of a nuclear family at the same time.

Speaking on the film, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Veteran actor and Psychiatrist, who is also the face of Kutumb said, “In present times where people are too engaged enjoying themselves in solitude, it has also unknowingly brought a lot of issues. This has resulted in a number of mental health-related problems. In this scenario, it has become important to have an intergenerational concept-based project. Kutumb is a project that focuses on three generations and their needs. The older generation is the support of everyone and children get an opportunity to live and spend time with their grandparents. However, parents do not realize that they are getting old in the company of these two generations. But they don’t have time. In this kind of set-up, old people and children have a lot of time for each other. Knowledge and advanced technology cannot be an alternative to inculcating Sanskar; and for this, we need the presence of grandparents.”

Sharing his view on the collaboration with celebrities for Kutumb, Anand Naiknavare, Concept Architect and Head of Business Process, commented, “Bring on board renowned Marathi film stars like Dr. Mohan Agashe, Shubhangi Damle, Purnima Dey, Pankaj Vishnu, and Niranjana for the launch of Kutumb short film was an exhilarating experience. Leveraging their expertise and experience in the film industry contributed significantly in bringing our vision to life. We are certain that the short film will make an impact and put across our objective in front of the viewers in the right manner. I, on behalf of Naiknavare Developers, want to deeply thank each of these veteran artists for teaming up with us on this ambitious project.”

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