Nalco Water’s Innovative Water Management Solutions Help Reduce Freshwater Usage for the Lindstrom Group in India

April 01, 2024, Chennai, India: Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, a global sustainability leader offering water solutions and services, has achieved remarkable success in helping to reduce freshwater usage through its innovative water management solutions for the global leader in textile services, Lindstrom Group in India. The partnership has resulted in the implementation of the Aquaest water recycling project, marking a significant milestone in sustainable water management.

India, being the largest user of groundwater and one of the most water-stressed countries in the world, requires immediate action to preserve this precious resource. Recognizing this, Nalco Water and Lindstrom Group have significantly progressed in reducing freshwater usage as a result of the Aquaest project. Within just over a year, Lindstrom has recovered a noteable74% of water at the Chennai plant and reduced its total freshwater usage in the city by 56%. The impressive results from the Aquaest project translate to potential annual water savings of 330 million litres in our workwear and cleanroom operations. This is equivalent to the drinking water needs of approximately 300,000 people per year.

The collaboration between Nalco Water and Lindstrom Group is a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. By leveraging innovative technologies and fostering a culture of collaboration, the Aquaest project has achieved substantial water savings and helped to improve wash quality, reduce operational costs, and extend the lifecycle of garments. Murli Iyer, Head of Light Business at Nalco Water, India, underscores the mutual commitment and shared values between the two companies: “Lindstrom’s steadfast dedication to sustainability, innovation, and the circular economy, coupled with their deeply ingrained ‘We Care’ culture, aligns with Ecolab’s overarching mission to help protect the resources vital to life and our robust sustainability strategy focused on advancing the well-being of people, the planet, and businesses globally, thereby supporting our customers’ success.”

Venkataraj Anantharaman Laguduva, Head of Continuous Service, Asia at Lindstrom, highlighted the significance of the water recycling initiative, stating, “We already have a system for reusing water at our laundries, but we wanted to take it further to recycle the water so that we could reduce the amount of freshwater we use.” Lindstrom Group operates 13 laundries across India, washing thousands of kilograms of uniforms and workwear daily for various industries. With 45% of the company’s water consumption in Asia attributed to workwear and cleanroom services, Lindstrom has long been committed to optimizing water usage and caring for wastewater. “The water recycling project promotes the safe reuse of wastewater and water conservation to create a more sustainable water future for everyone. This project is a green solution for grey water pollution,” commented Sabarinathan Muthukumarasamy, Production Manager, Lindstrom Chennai, India Unit.

“Lindstrom is setting the stage for other companies to do the same and be ahead of the times. The regulations for freshwater consumption in India and around the world are becoming increasingly strict, and companies might find themselves in a position where they suddenly need to lower the amount of water they use,” remarked Gowtham Raj, Area Manager – South at Nalco Water India.

Looking ahead, Lindstrom Group plans to further enhance its water recycling capabilities by implementing fully automated systems and expanding the Aquaest project to other laundries across India and Asia. Additionally, the company aims to leverage solutions powered by Nalco Water’s AI-driven analytics platform, ECOLAB3D™, to advance performance and achieve even better results in water recycling.

“The wastewater treatment plant, managed by Nalco Water, has effectively recycled the designated percentage of water, thereby significantly decreasing the reliance on freshwater resources. Moreover, the treated water discharged into the environment meets the legal compliance standards of the region, reflecting the commitment to environmental responsibility,” says Nikhil Shirsat, Process Specialist at Lindstrom, Asia.

As the leader in water management and solutions, Nalco Water, an Ecolab company recognizes the integral role of businesses in shaping a safer, more prosperous future. The company collaborates closely with its clientele to propel the advancement of a more water-secure tomorrow for future generations. Accelerating change through the power of water is core to Ecolab’s purpose to improve the health of people, the planet, and businesses worldwide. Ecolab shares its expertise in smart water use with customers to help them reduce, reuse, and recycle water in their operations. In addition to supporting effective water use, Ecolab’s solutions help customers use energy more efficiently, reduce waste, and cut greenhouse gas emissions to advance a more sustainable future.

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