Network18’s Saraswathi Anand wins Gold medal at ‘World Powerlifting Championship’ held in Egypt

15th March 2023: Sports have the ability to transform lives and promote gender equality by encouraging resilience and self-assurance. Women in sports transcend gender preconceptions and social standards and serve as inspiring role models for the country. One such powerful woman is Saraswathi Anand from Bengaluru, who is Assistant Vice President at Network18.

Network18's Saraswathi Anand wins Gold for Powerlifting Championship_02

The 42-year-old seasoned media professional is also an accomplished powerlifter. She recently cleared the 100 Kg lift at the ‘World Powerlifting Championship’ in Egypt and bagged a Gold medal. Saraswathi marked her win on International Women’s Day, making her a true inspiration to all the women and girls around the world.

She has been successfully managing her family and fulfilling her dreams, while positively overseeing her responsibilities as AVP – Marketing and Product (language cluster) at Network18 Media & Investments. Saraswathi has also won numerous more national championships, including Silver at the 2021 WPC Nationals, Gold at the 2022 Pro League Nationals, and Gold at the 2022 WPC Nationals.

A mother of 11-year-old twins, Saraswathi always aspired to lead by example for her kids, by taking positive steps in her professional and personal journey which would inspire them. Reflecting on her latest achievement, Saraswathi expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support she received from both her family and colleagues at Network18. She added, “This achievement is the sum of hard work and support extended to me by my family and my colleagues at Network18. Their encouragement allowed me to push myself forward and win the top prize. Network18 gave me enough flexibility to balance my work life, home and powerlifting all at the same time. From adapting work to my training schedules and allowing work from home during special training sessions, I am grateful for the support from the organization.”

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