New Relic Deepens Commitment to Open Source with One-Step Observability for OpenTelemetry

Bangalore, March 21, 2024New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced that it will now provide native support for OpenTelemetry and Prometheus-instrumented hosts and Kubernetes clusters at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024. With this launch, organizations can now instrument Kubernetes clusters and hosts using the OpenTelemetry collector and Prometheus Node Exporter in a single step. They also gain instant access to curated UIs that automatically correlate performance across applications and infrastructure.

Open source instrumentation frameworks like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus are being rapidly adopted because they are standardized, vendor agnostic, community supported, and cost effective. However, instrumenting and setting up these open source tools to work with commercial observability platforms requires significant time and expertise. Engineers need to gather the right telemetry for each resource, establish tagging for correlation, create dashboards, and set thresholds of acceptable performance. Even with these measures in place, teams often find it challenging to correlate data across different dashboards to determine the cause during an incident response. New Relic solves these challenges by making it easier to instrument and get visibility into applications and infrastructure telemetry data to lower incident response times.

“Open source frameworks like OpenTelemetry are an integral part of the tech stack, and that reliance continues to grow. Most observability platforms only offer primitive support for these tools. There needs to be a shift in the industry to meet developers where they are,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “That is why we offer native support for OpenTelemetry in our platform. We are now simplifying observability for engineers using OpenTelemetry and Prometheus so they can spend less time on instrumentation, setup, and troubleshooting and more time on what matters most to them – shipping code and driving innovation.”

“One of the major reasons we chose New Relic over other observability platforms is because of how deeply and natively integrated it is with OpenTelemetry,” said ZeroFlucs CTO Carly Christensen. “They continue to push ahead of any other vendor on the market by adding new features like native support for OpenTelemetry and Prometheus-instrumented hosts and Kubernetes clusters. This, combined with the cost effectiveness of their platform – they charge based on consumption – is why we rely on New Relic as our single source of truth for observability.”

New Relic’s native support populates golden signals in its native UIs for hosts and Kubernetes, with automatic correlation between application and infrastructure telemetry. As a result, teams can quickly detect and isolate the cause behind performance issues across their applications and related infrastructure in one place.

New capabilities include:

  • One-step instrumentation for Kubernetes clusters and hosts using the OpenTelemetry collector and Prometheus Node Exporter.
  • Instant access to out-of-the-box dashboards and native UIs with standardized golden metrics.
  • Automated relationship mapping between application and infrastructure to render topology maps and understand how the performance of one layer impacts another.
  • Faster debugging enabled by automatic correlation with application and infrastructure logs.

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