Nizami Khada Dupatta: A Matter of Pride for Brides

Nizami Khada Dupatta: A Matter of Pride for Brides

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The Khada Dupatta is the royal attire for the wedding day that has been carried and passed down since the reign of Nazims and is a matter of pride since ages. “Khada Dupatta” meaning “Upright stole” is an intricate outfit that goes with kurta, churidar and a dupatta which is 6 yards long.

Styled for all body types

Khada dupatta being the tradition of Hyderabad is mostly passed down by the ancestors as a part of blessing and traditional symbolism. Wearing a traditional Khada dupatta in itself increases the beauty and grace of the bridal attire.

A perfect Nizami Khada dupatta has to be perfectly styled as well in order to maintain the elegance of the Nizami dupatta. Khada Dupatta is aesthetic. Thus, in order to deliver its presence, it is styled with a kurta having slim borders and a longer length that gives it a perfect illusion.

Khada Dupatta fits perfectly on any and every body type by opting for the right kurta type, like the fitted kurtas with full length sleeves with slide slits for the curvy bodies and the silks and organza fabrics for the slim body type. The right type of kurta gives the bridal outfit a boost complementing the dupatta.

A Nizami Khada dupatta is draped only on one shoulder in order to maintain its essence, pinning the dupatta on both shoulders will make it look odd and ungraceful.

How a Khada Dupatta is draped

The draping style of Hyderabadi Nizami Khada dupatta is completely unique and is one of the traditional bridal attires followed as per traditions.

The middle part of the dupatta is tucked in the churidar neatly followed by folding the left side of the dupatta into perfect pleats securing it with a pin on the left shoulder, whereas the other side of the dupatta is pleated and pinned again on the left shoulder with a brooch. The dupatta is secured in such a way that the length of the dupatta falls elegantly to the ankles giving it a unique and traditional beauty.

The perfect attire

A Nizami Khada Dupatta is the pride of Hyderabadi brides being passed down since generations. The complete and perfect bridal attire that supports the elegance of the Nizami Khada dupatta follow a kurta that mostly has an A-line kurta with long sleeves along with heavy embroidery.

The churidar of the wedding attire matches the color of the dupatta to stay in the right color combination and maintain its glamour. The dupatta or the veil is usually made of net and have heavy embroidery work like Zardozi; it also consists of works like golden motifs on the borders.

Apart from this, jewelry plays a significant role in maintaining the perfect attire; jewelry like tika, jhoomar, nose ring, kan phool, Guluband, Satlada, Ranihaar, Payal, Gintiyan, are some of the jewelries that a Hyderabadi bride can opt for to maintain the perfect Nizami look.

The inherited way of draping a Khada Dupatta is still being carried out by the brides keeping the legacy in mind and still remains the authentic outfit to be worn on the wedding.

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