Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 unveil their new flagship product Rage+ RapidEV Pro, instacharged by a new 7.7kWh battery

July 28th 2022, New Delhi: EV-maker Omega Seiki Mobility and Bengaluru-headquartered advanced battery-tech and deep-tech start-up Log9 Materials, has today unveiled a jointly-developed, upgraded, longer-range version of Rage+ electric 3-wheeler named ‘Rage+ RapidEV Pro’, which comes equipped with Log9’s 7.7 KWh battery, the RapidX 8000. The Rage+ RapidEV Pro InstaCharged by Log9, has been made available in 2 variants vis-à-vis the cargo body volume – the 140 cubic ft. and 170 cubic ft. variant.

OSM and Log9 Rage+ RapidEV Pro Unveil Event

Integrated with Log9’s cutting-edge InstaCharge battery technology, this e-3W vehicle platform, dedicatedly designed for the country’s e-commerce logistics segment, gets fully charged (from 0 to 100%) in 45 minutes, and provides up to 95 kms. range, can deliver longer distance on a single charge, and operate across very wide temperatures ranging from -40 degree to 60 degree Celsius. Further, made to suit Indian climatic conditions, the vehicle also comes with a warranty of 6 years or unlimited kms and offers a battery life of over 10,000 cycles. In a bid to increase the efficiency and productive use of the vehicle fleets, Log9 and OSM have also tied-up with fleet operators like MoEVing in Delhi and LetsTransport in Bengaluru. The introduction of Rage+ RapidEV Pro was attended in the presence of the representatives from both MoEVing and LetsTransport.

In November 2021, OSM and Log9 jointly launched a revolutionary vehicle Rage+ RapidEV – which had been integrated with Log9’s 5.8 KWh battery. The vehicle has till date received much appreciation from the industry. After the success of OSM Rage+ RapidEV, OSM and Log9 yet again created another vehicle Rage+ Rapid EV Pro, which will allow the companies to make even greater strides in the last-mile delivery vehicles segment where it is already a market leader. The newly-unveiled vehicle will seamlessly tap into the varied logistics and delivery requirements of the nation’s e-commerce space.

OSM and Log9 Rage+ RapidEV Pro

Speaking on the unveiling of the vehicle, Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder & COO, Log9 Materials said, “We are happy and glad to further our collaboration with Omega Seiki Mobility through the roll-out of Rage+ Pro InstaCharged by Log9’s RapidX batteries, aiming to move a notch-up higher in providing Power, Performance and Peace of Mind to our growing pool of e-commerce fleet operator customers. Given the enhanced range that our powerful, longer-lasting battery offers to the vehicle, the Rage+ RapidEV Pro will redefine TCO for a typical 3W used for the ecommerce industry, thus making the value proposition even more lucrative for customers. With e-commerce off late spreading its influence into new markets such as tier 2 where the charging infra is scarcely and rarely available, vehicles such as the Rage+ Pro that are able to run long distances on a single charge will be key enablers for faster adoption of EVs. Additionally, taking into consideration the scope of opportunity charging enabled by Log9 batteries, the customers/vehicle owners will now be able to enhance their asset utilization to up to 1.5 times as that of conventional electric 3Ws.”

Alongside the advanced battery tech, the Rage+ Rapid EV Pro also comes equipped with some major upgrades on the reliability and robustness aspects of the vehicle, thus ensuring lower maintenance costs over the long-term for the customers. As a part of this collaboration, going forward, Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 will be endeavouring to deploy over 5000 units of Rage+ RapidEV Pro vehicles by FY 2022-23. These deployments will start from New Delhi and Bengaluru, and thereafter various other cities will be targeted and tapped into.

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, “OSM has always believed in constant innovation and is always working to make the product portfolio a step ahead of the competition. We continue to expand our partnership with Log9 to further amplify our efforts to co-create class leading affordable and sustainable last-mile solutions.”

“We have an order book of 50,000 plus cargo electric three wheelers. We are aggressively expanding our operations with the launch of new facilities and products. Our aim is to change the face of mobility in the country; and to that end, the showcase of revolutionary Rage+ Rapid EV Pro is a proud moment for us. Our plans for the future is to create fast charging solutions for our upcoming trucks and tractors.” Added Mr. Narang

Rage+ Rapid EV Pro was today flagged off in Bengaluru and Delhi in collaboration with leading fleet operators LetsTransport and MoeVing respectively. In line with the key USP of the product, both the fleet operators will be deploying the vehicles across the ecommerce segment.

Commenting on the unveiling of the vehicle, Mr. Vikas Mishra, Founder & CEO, MoEVing adds, “Well designed electric vehicles with high-quality batteries are extremely important for the EV sector. Our platform’s holistic solutions to accelerate EV adoption, with data being at the centre of our strategy, has us working with leading ecosystem players like Log9 and OSM to ensure that our goal of sustainable mobility and sustainable livelihood for drivers is accomplished. We at MoEVing are now excited to be part of the unveil of Rage+ RapidEV Pro vehicle.”

Further, Mr. Pushkar Singh, CEO, Lets Transport adds, “We are working with our customers to build cleaner and sustainable logistics solutions. With low operational and maintenance costs, we are seeing EVs play a pivotal role in intra-city and last-mile logistics. Our emphasis is on strengthening the EV ecosystem by enabling financing of EVs, partnering with different CPOs and CSO, as well as enabling a marketplace for the resale of EVs in the near future. We are excited to partner with Log9 and OSM, and look forward to deploying up to 1000 Electric Vehicles within the next 12-18 months across 7 major cities – Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. Along with SUN Mobility, we aim to jointly provide customizable, integrated logistics solutions to our E-commerce, Retail, FMCG, 3PL & other Enterprise clients”.

Notably, Log9 has leveraged its cell-to-pack competency to develop its RapidX batteries that provide 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. Log9’s InstaCharge technology brings down the total charging time which further optimizes the utilization of charging infrastructure and operational profitability for fleets. In addition, Log9’s RapidX batteries come with the longest battery life, thereby providing a seamless experience and entirely revolutionizing the last-mile logistics sector.

On the other hand, Omega Seiki Mobility believes in creating sustainable mobility solutions with an integrated approach of connecting Automobiles and the Society. The brand’s focus is to eventually create a clean ecosystem with eco-friendly, safe and congestion free mobility. OSM is one of India’s leading clean energy incubators and has become synonymous with India’s sustainability success. The EV manufacturing company aims to fast-track future mobility, with green energy at its core, by implementing data-driven, smart engineering. Omega Seiki Mobility is the first OEM to have 2, 3 and 4 wheelers in its product portfolio; the company is currently running its fleet in 20 cities, registering over 10 lakh kms. a month.

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