One Point One Solutions Ltd. Financial Results – Q4FY22 & FY22 Standalone Results

One Point One Solutions Ltd.  Financial Results – Q4FY22 & FY22  Standalone Results

Mumbai, May 2022: One Point One Solutions, leader in BPM services, has declared its financial results for the Quarter and Year ended March 31, 2022.

(₹ in crore)

Particulars Q4FY22 Q4FY21 YoY (%) FY22 FY21 YoY (%)
Revenue from Operations 34.65 31.90 8.62 131.69 101.60 29.62
EBITDA 8.05 2.34 2.44 times 28.25 8.30 2.40 times
EBITDA Margin (%) 23.23 7.34 1589 bps 21.45 8.12 1333 bps
PAT 1.52 (0.65) 3.34 times 3.66 (20.19) 1.18 times
PAT Margin (%) 4.39 2.78

Q4FY22 – Financial Highlights

  • Revenue from operations was at ₹ 34.65 crore, as compared to ₹ 31.90 crore in Q4 FY21, registered a growth of 8.62%
  • EBITDA was at ₹ 8.05 crore, as compared to ₹ 2.34 crore, registered a growth of 2.44 times
  • EBITDA Margin was at 23.23%, increased from 7.34% in Q4FY21.
  • Net Profit was at ₹ 1.52 crore, as compared to loss of ₹ (0.65) crore in Q4FY21, grown by 3.34 times

 FY22 Financial Highlights

  • Revenue from operations was at ₹ 131.69 crore, as compared to ₹ 101.60 crore in FY21, increased by 29.62%
  • EBITDA was at ₹ 28.25 crore, as compared to ₹ 8.30 crore in FY21, grown by 2.42 times
  • EBITDA Margin has improved to 21.45% from 8.12% in Q4FY21
  • Net profit was at ₹ 3.66 crore, as compared to loss of ₹ (20.19) crore in FY21, registered a growth of 1.18 times

Operational Highlights

  • The company is experiencing a flow of new clientele from mid-February.  The company has signed 3 new and other marquee clients in the last two to three months and is in final stage of discussion to add up more clients during the year
  • The current capacity utilisation stands at 64% which is 3,500 seats on one shift basis, moving upwards of 100% utilisation of capacity of 5,500 seats on one shift basis by end of the current financial year.
  • The company has enough room for expansion on a two-shift basis to double the current capacity to 11,000 seats based on the demand scenario.

Quote from the Management

Commenting on the Results, Mr. Akshay Chhabra, Managing Director said, “The strong growth was driven by the new client additions along with expansion in business from existing customers. We have been able to improve margins by increasing efficiency and improved seat occupancy across locations.

The demand for BPM services is increasing as the economy opened up and every sector is focussing on winning new customers and making their existing customers’ experience delightful. We would be the biggest beneficiaries of the fastest growing Indian economy as the demand for our services is directly proportionate to growth in the service sector.”

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