Pantherun Technologies Secures Intel Startup Program Mentorship applied to Indian Railway Security Project

Bengaluru, July 8, 2024: Pantherun Technologies, a cybersecurity innovator, received recognition from Intel Startup Program for a breakthrough in edge device security. They’ve utilized Intel’s FPGAs to achieve real-time AES encryption on resource-limited edge devices, ensuring data security without vulnerability to breaches.

Traditional data security solutions often require substantial resources, leading to increased costs, higher transmission latency, and performance issues. Pantherun’s AI-powered chip-based communication solution overcomes these challenges by delivering strong end-to-end encryption in real-time without compromising quality. With the help of Intel FPGAs like Cyclone V and Arria 10, Pantherun offers flexible deployment and allows for field updates and reprogramming post-deployment. Intel Startup Program’s expert mentors also helped to make the Pantherun solution fully interoperable and seamlessly functional with existing encryption approaches like SSL and IPSec.

Under Intel Startup Program’s mentorship, Pantherun successfully applied the solution to an Indian Railways project to install CCTV cameras in passenger train coaches. The conventional data security approach would have involved data storage in each carriage, which would have been expensive and involved 40% higher transmission latency. Pantherun’s AI-powered solution allowed real-time video feeds to be easily transmitted in high quality and monitored at a central location, while ensuring strong end-to-end encryption.

“Pantherun’s innovative approach is transforming the cybersecurity landscape for edge devices,” said Srinivas Shekar, Co-Founder of Pantherun Technologies. “Our solution ensures high-performance encryption for devices that previously couldn’t support such security, making significant strides in preventing data breaches. We are confident that our game-changing innovation will be able to safeguard these connected edge devices across the globe. However, we owe it to Intel Startup Program team for helping us make our solutions ready and soft landing it to the mainstream market.”

Founded in 2019, Pantherun Technologies recently raised Pre-series A funding (from key investors including Capital2B fund, SIDBI Venture Capital Limited, Piper Serica Angel Fund, growX ventures, 8X Ventures and PointOne Capital, to support their mission to enhance cybersecurity across various industries. Its cutting-edge solution reduces the resource requirements for edge devices by eliminating the need to exchange encryption keys, enabling easy imaplementation of AES encryption on resource-constrained devices and setting a new industry standard.

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