Personal Branding Workshop at SIMATS

SIMATS Personal Branding Workshop

Chennai, October 2022: One of the most important life skills to learn is effective communication. Last week, the Power Speak Club of SIMATS School of Engineering’s Department of English Language and Linguistics hosted a workshop titled “Personal Branding & Influencing Skills.” Mrs. Subha Pandian, Founder of AGUA – Women’s Leadership Private Limited, and Mrs. Sunitha Vikram, Co-Founder of AGUA – Women’s Leadership Private Limited, graced the occasion as resource persons of the day and delivered a speech. Both of them discussed what personal branding is and why it is important, how to demonstrate personal branding, what influences your personal brand, and so on in their speeches. They also insisted that every student, regardless of major, must work on developing a personal brand during their college experience. It is the single most important thing a student can do to help distinguish themselves from the competition when they start their career.

Moreover, from the perspective of an entrepreneur, all transactions are the result of communication. Having strong communication skills benefits all aspects of life, from professional to personal to everything in between was also demonstrated among the participants. Participants were made aware of the importance of good communication skills in order for others and themselves to understand information more accurately and quickly. Finally, the program concluded with a formal vote of thanks. Nearly 250 students from various departments attended and benefited from this workshop. Dr. N. M. Veeraiyan, the esteemed Founder and Chancellor of SIMATIC, and Dr. Ramya Deepak, the respected Director of SSE, encourage and value such initiatives in learning and teaching.

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