PingPong announces names of loyalty programme winners

Mumbai 10th March, 2023: PingPong, a pioneer in providing end-to-end payment solutions for global cross-border businesses, has announced the names of its loyalty programme winners. PingPong offers global e-commerce sellers the ability to manage multiple currencies on a single, secure platform across the US, Europe and Asia.

PingPong Payments celebrated its 7th global anniversary with a virtual expo, called ‘Soul of India’, and announced a loyalty programme to thank and honour its clients. Not only has the company provided its clients with the tools and encouragement they need to expand their global business, but it has also set new industry standards by committing to growing Indian businesses through rewarding its loyal clients with trips to the United States, Singapore, Dubai, and other locations where they can learn from and network with successful peers and partners.

Announcing the names of winners, Mr Mukesh Sahu, Country Manager, PingPong, stressed the need for holding more such programmes and said, “A loyalty programme helps us in defining our purpose to our consumers, as the term suggests such programmes help in building consumer loyalty, it encourages repeat transactions. We go an extramile in servicing our clients and these programmes help in highlighting those contributions. It’s a well-defined marketing strategy to promote growth through maintaining the company’s existing customers by rewarding the loyal clients and at the same time adding new ones.”

PingPong hopes that Indian businesses will always maintain their spirit of solidarity and resilience and their indomitable fortitude to overcome all challenges. The company also wishes to always accompany businesses on their journey to conquer global markets.

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