Premium large format Ice Theaters continues its Worldwide Expansion

Premium large format Ice Theaters continues its Worldwide Expansion

National, June 2022: High-end theatre screen format ICE THEATERS® is pleased to announce it has reached an understanding with luxury cinema chain PVR CINEMAS, India’s largest exhibitor for an exclusive roll-out on the Indian territory. The deal entails a long term relationship, starting with 3 auditoriums scheduled to open within the next 12 months in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The announcement was made at CineEurope, Barcelona which is the most successful European convention and trade show for Major, Regional, and Independent cinema exhibitors.

ICE THEATERS® was created by France’s second largest exhibitor CGR CINEMAS, whose goal was to give birth to a brand-new innovative experience meant to captivate their most demanding moviegoers. In addition to combining premium design as well as cutting-edge sound and image technologies, the product offers a never-seen-before experience that features non-reflecting LED panels, targeting the moviegoer’s peripheral vision from the start to the end of the movie: the ICE IMMERSIVE® technology. After enlarging their presence on the European continent and expanding to Northern America and the Middle East, ICE THEATERS® is delighted to launch its product in Asia, allowing its footprint to broaden significantly.

Renaud Palliere, Chief Executive Officer at PVR CINEMAS – The Luxury Collection, said, “We are very enthusiastic to be adding the immersive ICE THEATERS® solution to our diverse cinema offering in India,. We were captivated by the way the side LED panels enhance the film viewing experience, without taking your sight off the main screen. At PVR, we pledge to continuously enhance our guests’ entertainment experience, and so we feel that by bringing ICE THEATERS®, whose innovative and unique product have already gathered a significant track record in major film markets, to our cinemas is yet another step toward fulfilling our objective .”

PVR’s strategy has always revolved around the changing aspirations of our customers to offer them a differentiated and premium experience. With this objective in mind, it tries to explore every experiential quotient and element that that create the ultimate viewing experience full of glamour and sophistication. As a leading out-of-home entertainment destination, PVR is striving to build cinemas that provide a world class ambience, cutting edge technologies in terms of sound and projection, opulent comfort and indulgent refreshments.

Jocelyn Bouyssy, Managing Director at ICE THEATERS®, added, “We are so unbelievably proud to be sealing this partnership with luxury cinema chain PVR CINEMAS. Not only do we feel privileged to be collaborating with such an esteemed and premium exhibitor, this is also the opportunity for ICE THEATERS® to take up Bollywood movies post-production. After 5 years of working alongside all Major Hollywood Studios to release their most acclaimed titles in our premium auditoriums, we are thrilled to be expanding our format to the Indian movie-making industry and develop our offer to reach new audiences.”

ICE THEATERS® have released over 110 titles in their ICE IMMERSIVE© format, in partnership with all Hollywood Major Studios, including, this year, Walt Disney Studios’s DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, LIGHTYEAR, Warner Bros’s THE BATMAN, FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE, Sony Pictures’s UNCHARTED, MORBIUS, Paramount Pictures’s SCREAM, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2, Lionsgate’s MOONFALL, Universal Studios’s AMBULANCE, JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION and Paramount Pictures’s TOP GUN: MAVERICK. More upcoming titles include Warner Bros’s ELVIS, Universal Pictures’s MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU, Walt Disney Studios’s THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, Sony Pictures’s BULLET TRAIN and many more exclusive titles to be announced later this year.

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