Products to buy under INR 18000 for a safe and healthy festive season

Acer Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer Water Purifier

The ozonated water with strong antibacterial power can be used to clean hands, dishes, laundry, and mop the floor. The ‘instant ozone generation technology’ instantly dissolves ozone in water, which removes harmful pesticide residues effectively from the surface of the food. The ozonated water is FDA-approved, especially used in the Food and Beverage industry, used to sterilize bottles and utensils. Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer is an effective decontaminant of E. coli which can be a replacement for alcohol-based cleaning liquids. This simple and easy-to-use product is fixed on regular tap water which produces ozonated water that is used to clean products like fresh food, utensils, and surfaces. The water from the Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer is also proven to eliminate diseases that generally appear on pets like bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites, and allergies. During the reduction process, the water can achieve sterilization, deodorization, bleaching, and preservation

acerpure Air Purifiers

Controlled by an app, the acerpure air purifiers come with and without a fan. The C2 and P2 detect indoor air quality and sends automatic notifications of outdoor air pollution alerts to mobile phones which monitor indoor air quality even when no one is at home. The product takes control of the air quality with the 4-in-1 HEPA filter and eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria, 99.97% of ultrafine dust, PM1.0, and allergies. This helps in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment. acerpure Pro P2 and acerpure cool C2 are designed to effectively eliminate 99.99% bacteria, 99% coronavirus (229E), and 99% influenza A (H1N1) virus activity. The new line of products comes with technology that reduces noise, and combining that with a turned-off display makes for the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep.

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