Project EKA Foundation and Barista Coffee Company join hands to provide free and quality education for underprivileged students

Project EKA Foundation and Barista Coffee Company join hands to provide free and quality education for underprivileged students

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New Delhi, 16 November: Project EKA Foundation and Barista Coffee company – the pioneer of coffee culture in India proudly announce their collaboration for a noble cause. This unique partnership between a corporate and a non-profit organization is the first of its kind and falls under the umbrella of Project Sharda, a community initiative, by Eka Foundation that fills in for the fundamental right to education and reaches out to as many children as we can, provides them with a clean, sustainable, and safe school environment, and help them grow under the guidance of our renowned educationists and mentors.

At present, EKA provides a viable infrastructure for about 600+ children in two schools operating out of Yamuna Khadar, Delhi, and Sharda Nagar, Kanpur. EKA works with educationists and volunteers who are involved in shaping the bright minds of our students and collaborates with different schools/colleges/volunteers to conduct various workshops/sessions/activities on a variety of topics that benefit our students. To support the process, EKA brings value adds such as creating a library room to the existing school infrastructure with all the basic books for our students and installing computers in the computer room for our students to explore more.

This unique collaboration with Barista will help EKA support our students with quality education and an opportunity for overall development. Barista and EKA together will work on the ground to provide quality education to the children in need and ensure that no child is left behind in this partnership. Together Barista and EKA plan to build new schools in the coming months to expand the mission. EKA appreciates Barista coming forward to contribute towards this noble cause as this is going to help so many communities with no proper schools and means to provide education to the children who come from marginalized communities.

On this partnership, Project EKA’s founder & Chairperson Puja Rawat said, “we are excited and looking forward to working with Barista. Together, we will work in all possible ways towards creating a community that builds human capacities by strengthening the human bond and creating equal opportunities. This partnership will focus on providing sustainable modes of education to the marginalized sections of our society and will actively participate in the overall learning and development growth of the children.”

Rajat Agrawal, CEO of Barista Coffee says, Barista as a brand has always been sensitive towards social responsibility and community building, as a further next step to this we have partnered with EKA Foundation which works towards educating children from economically weaker sections of society. As part of this association, we will be adopting a few existing schools operated by the NGO and also setting up new schools on a periodic basis through the NGO. The idea behind this initiative is to fund the education of the kids from the economically weaker sections of society by setting up community education centers and inculcating a habit of learning amongst these community kids and providing them a platform to get registered for formal education. I take pride in announcing this partnership on this day which is celebrated as Children’s day.

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