Quote on World Mental Day from TurboHire and Ennoventure

Quote on World Mental Day from TurboHire and Ennoventure

Mr. Abraham George, Chief People Officer and a member of the Board of Directors at Ennoventure Inc


Ridhhi Sanghi


Ridhhi Sanghi – Director, People Success- ‘Mental ‘prosperity’, not even ‘health’, is the base fuel for us human engines to function. It’s unfortunate that today we need special days to remind ourselves of this, rather than this being the norm, just like we eat and breathe! I hope we can look at ‘mental health’ as what it is in most scenarios – an outcome of balanced chemicals/hormones combined with physical health, energy levels, etc. As I see it, there are two things orgs must do – one is to support those with diagnosed conditions, remove taboos and encourage professional intervention where required. The second is to avoid a build-up of poisons in our systems that lead to poor mental health in the first place. 

In the second case, it’s necessary to understand the intricate science of what creates good mental health. Only then will we know how every element, every touchpoint is a chance to add to or deplete from ‘mental health’, no matter how difficult the conversation or demanding the situation. Toxic work cultures are completely out of question then! 

At TurboHire, we understand that Leaders make the largest impact; and hence the highest priority, besides meeting business objectives – is given to leaders’ regulating their values, emotions and actions. The People Success function is constantly evaluating short term and long term impact of all systems and communications on the overall culture as well as individuals. Aside from the quintessential unlimited wellness leaves, no laptop after a certain hour, and weekends off, we are always doing more for our members. Because as ‘TurboHumans’, building everything that we want in our lives – great health, family, relationships, and so on – are taken as a part of work and performance!’ 


Mr. Abraham George, Chief People Officer and a member of the Board of Directors at Ennoventure Inc- “Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and the foundation of a healthy organization is a healthy employee. Statistics on mental health and employee burnout are staggering. WEF mentions that one in eight people has mental health issues and a 2022 Mercer study quotes that 81% of employees are at risk of burnout this year. Every outperforming organizations helps employees to maintain their internal equlibrium by offering a holistic mental health support. 

At Ennoventure, we are waging a fight against the threat of worldwide counterfeiting and holistic employee well-being is a business imperative.In addition to health and safety at work, our leadership team prioritizes mental resilience ,social interaction apart from financial stability.

We foster a culture where our team members communicate freely, ask questions, express concerns, and share ideas. Our policies and practices support the culture. We offer health insurance, offer well-being and mindfulness initiatives,time off, flexible work arrangement, and regular feedback sessions. 

People are at the core of Ennoventure, and the effort always is to make our workplace healthier for our ‘ennovengers’.

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