Radius Synergies International Triumphs as First Prize Winner of Prestigious INSTINCT 3.0 Innovation Challenge & Hackathon

RadiusNew Delhi, October 7, 2023: Leading the way in smart metering and digital solutions, Radius Synergies International secured the first prize at the Grand Finale of INSTINCT 3.0, the flagship Innovation Challenge & Hackathon of IntelliSmart, a pioneering joint venture of the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIF) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) in the power distribution sector.

Commencing on August 11, 2023, INSTINCT 3.0 embodied IntelliSmart’s commitment to spearheading digitalization and fostering innovation in the power distribution landscape. Radius Synergies, a prominent player in the industry, competed in the category of “Electricity Smart Meter as a hub for Multiple Appliances.”. Based on their innovative thought and technology leadership, they successfully demonstrated a full working prototype of “Electricity Smart Meter as a hub for Participative Power Management and Appliance Control” having significant economic, social, environmental, inclusion, and convergence impacts.

A notable aspect of Radius Synergies’ victory was their altruistic gesture of donating the winning prize of Rs 2 Lakh to emerging talents who participated in the hackathon, exemplifying their dedication to nurturing future innovators.

“Established in 1998, Radius has consistently aimed for a future where technology elevates efficiency and fosters sustainability. This vision materializes through Xenius, a smart cloud-based IoT platform. Our motto, “Architecting a Brighter Future in Unison,” underscores our dedication to integrating advanced technologies for a sustainable, eco-friendly world. We prioritize aligning technology with ecological well-being while enhancing efficiency and minimizing human effort,” says Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Executive Director of Radius Synergies International

The event saw a remarkable turnout, with a staggering 3000 teams participating initially, and culminated in an intense final round featuring 15 top-notch participants. The spotlight of the hackathon was on encouraging innovative solutions to drive digitalization in smart metering and the power sector.

INSTINCT 3.0 set an ambitious objective of elevating collaboration and partnership for commercialization and aligning with IntelliSmart’s core goal to discover and develop groundbreaking ideas into potent game-changing products and solutions, essential for India’s vision towards the digitalization of the power sector. It offers a unique platform for skilled individuals and organizations seeking to make significant contributions to the digitization of the Power Distribution Sector. Building on the success of INSTINCT 2.0 last year, IntelliSmart organized INSTINCT 3.0 with fresh challenges, further propelling the digitalization drive in the power sector.

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