Raffles Udaipur Celebrated an Enchanting Evening with Vasudha Rai and ‘Glow’ at The Writers Bar

03rd July 2024: Raffles Udaipur recently hosted a mesmerizing evening with esteemed Beauty Editor, Contributor, and Author, Vasudha Rai, who shared her insights and expertise from her celebrated book, ‘Glow: Indian Foods, Recipes and Rituals for Beauty, Inside and Out’. The event brought together literature and wellness enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience filled with knowledge, creativity, and elegance.

The evening commenced with a champagne reception, followed by an eloquent introduction of Vasudha Rai by Shraddha Murdia. Ms. Rai then captivated the audience with a reading session, revealing the secrets behind beauty foods and rituals that promise beauty both inside and out. The session was followed by an interactive Q&A, allowing guests to delve deeper into Ms. Rai’s creative process and the inspiration behind ‘Glow’.

Adding to the evening’s charm, Vasudha Rai hosted a DIY session at the Raffles Spa’s Alchemy Bar, where she demonstrated a set of mask recipes using natural ingredients. This hands-on session allowed guests to learn practical, easy-to-make beauty treatments that they could incorporate into their own routines. The DIY session was a hit, providing a unique, interactive experience.

“Raffles Udaipur is honored to have hosted such a profound and inspiring event. Vasudha Rai’s insights into holistic beauty and wellness align perfectly with our philosophy of providing unparalleled luxury and rejuvenation to our guests,” said Mr. Rajesh Namby, General Manager of Raffles Udaipur.

Vasudha Rai expressed her admiration for the venue, stating, “It was a pleasure to share ‘Glow’ in such an exquisite setting. Raffles Udaipur’s commitment to luxury and wellness made it the perfect place to discuss the importance of nurturing beauty from within.”

‘Glow’ is divided into four parts: Vitality, Clarity, Radiance, and Peace—the four pillars of beauty, according to the author. Each section delves into specific foods, recipes, and rituals that enhance these aspects of beauty. From boosting vitality with nutritious ingredients to achieving peace through calming rituals, ‘Glow’ offers a comprehensive guide to achieving inner and outer beauty.

The event concluded with cocktails, the guests left with signed copies of ‘Glow’ and cherished memories of an evening filled with beauty, wellness, and meaningful connections.

Raffles Udaipur looks forward to hosting more such enriching events, continuing its tradition of bringing extraordinary experiences to its guests.

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