Romeo Lane oozes romance & radiates a European charm…

Romeo Lane oozes romance & radiates a European charm…

A picturesque escapade, Romeo Lane curates a culinary dining experience filled with unique cocktails, immersive music and eye-catching interiors. The restaurant oozes charm and romance, as its name suggests and radiates a European charm. The resto-bar is engulfed in a tropical aura that showcases magnificent French inspired artwork, hand painted glass doors that compliment the furniture beautifully. Romeo Lane currently has 4 outlets, 1 in Lucknow, 2 outlets in New Delhi located in Civil Lines and Defence Colony and 1 in Goa.

Mr. Saurabh Luthra (Chairman)

Co-founded in 2019 by Mr. Saurabh Luthra (Chairman), Mr. Gaurav Luthra (Managing Director), Mr.Siddharth Dhamija (Director) and Mr. Sahil Dhamija (Director),Romeo Lane has created a niche for itself within the F&B industry with its impeccable hospitality and spectacular mixology having introduced a cocktail culture that is crafted to perfection. The cocktails at Romeo Lane are made from fresh fruits and no preservatives with every concoction immersed with 5 elements – offering patrons unique combinations never experienced before like Bubbles in my Goblet which is a twist on the traditional Gin and Tonic doused in Elderflower Tonic and Thai Ginger Cordial.

The resto-bar captures the heart and soul of customers with its charming interiors creating an inviting ambience where one can sit back and enjoy the food and cocktails. The restaurant serves up scrumptious dishes that are a must-try. There is a multitude of cuisines to indulge in right from Pan-Asian delights, Mughlai delicacies, delicious Italian pastas and pizzas alongside exquisite Lebanese fare. The desserts end the experience on a sweet note with decadent choices ranging from a gooey red velvet chocolate lava cake to chocolate fudge caramel brownie among others.

No journey is complete without its fair share of challenges and Romeo Lane has emerged stronger and better, not only with safety protocols but has introduced more entertainment elements. The restaurant provides customers with a new experience each time they visit. The Covid-19 pandemic was a trying time for the entire world, pushing the industry to adjust and evolve with the changes that followed. The mindset of consumers shifted towards wellness and mindful eating.

The F&B industry is dynamic and ever evolving. Romeo Lane makes sure that it is multi-faceted providing a sensory experience like no other. The resto-bar does not constantly change its menu, however it keeps adding a few local dishes depending on the area it is located in. The cocktail serving style often undergoes variation and the same is followed while presenting the food dishes.

Reaching for the stars, Romeo Lane plans to extend its reach with 40 outlets Pan-India in the next 3 years. The brand is also keen on opening 5 hotels Pan-India alongside 5 international outlets.

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