Sayaji Pune to host a Dimsum Food Festival!

Sayaji Pune to host a Dimsum Food Festival!

Pune, 11th October 2022: Warm, soulful preparations have a special in all of our hearts. It’s something that make it our comfort and go to food option. As we shift to a slightly cooler climate, warm, piping hot food is even more of what the weather calls for. Keeping this in mind, Sayaji Pune is hosting a Dim sum food festival!

With an array of options to offer, the chef has curated a carefully crafted menu that has a little something to offer to all. These bite size delicacies originate mainly from China. It is a style of Cantonese food that has grown widely popular with the rest of the world in recent times. Dim sum means ‘touch of the heart’ in China as these small portions are meant to touch the heart, not satiate one’s appetite. From originally just being snacks, over time the tradition has evolved. Today, dim sums are served throughout the day and into the evening to satisfy cravings for these mini morsels.

The Dim Sum at Portico, Sayaji Pune is here to ensure guests indulge in these steaming soulful preparations. Right from Har Gow steam dim sums (Prawns),  SioMai seafood dim sums, Chiken Kothey dimsums, and Lamb Jiaozi dim sums in non-veg, to Cottage Cheese Spring Onion dim sums, Mushroom dim sums, and Soyabean dim sums in veg. The team at Sayaji Pune is here to elevate your dim sum eating experience to a whole new level.

Give in to your comfort food cravings this cold weather season and relish the scrumptious, appetising flavours that are awaiting you at Portico Sayaji, Pune!

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