SGF Expands Menu with New Vegan and Plant-Based Protein Options


New Delhi, India:[10th July 2024] – SGF (Spice Grill Flame), a leading pure vegetarian restaurant chain in India, renowned for its diverse North Indian and Chinese cuisine, proudly unveils its latest innovation: a new Vegan Menu. This edition features two exciting categories: 100% Plant-Based Protein and a dedicated Vegan Category, now available at selected outlets with plans for wider distribution soon.

As a brand committed to meeting evolving tastes and dietary preferences, SGF responds to the increasing demand for healthier and tastier food options. The introduction of the vegan and plant-based protein categories aligns seamlessly with the rising awareness regarding nutritious, and health-conscious choices.

“SGF is moving toward an inviting future where health-conscious options meet culinary excellence with the launch of our new vegan menu. Each dish embodies our dedication to providing nutritious, plant-based options without compromising on the rich flavors that our customers love.” said, Mr. Kewal Ahuja, Founder, of SGF India (Spice Grill Flame).

The plant-based protein dishes are crafted to deliver maximum flavor and nutrition, with soya as a cornerstone ingredient, renowned for its high protein content. Additionally, the new vegan menu items are designed to offer both deliciousness and wholesomeness, meticulously prepared to meet the dietary requirements of vegans while maintaining SGF’s signature flavors.

SGF remains dedicated to quality and taste, ensuring that each dish in the plant-based and vegan categories is developed with the same culinary excellence as customers expect. With over 100 kitchens across the country, SGF continues to innovate and expand its menu to meet the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of its customers.

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