Skinvest comes up with a 3-in-one solution—CEO to get radiant skin even with a busy schedule

Skinvest comes up with a 3-in-one solution—CEO to get radiant skin even with a busy schedule

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SkinvestNEW DELHI, 13th March: Skinvest, a brand that believes in innovation, has come up with its latest launch CEO. The product, as the name suggests, is for all the busy people out there who want to manage their skin efficiently. Skinvest aims to provide unique and beneficial solutions, mostly for Indian skin. Their line of products is vibrant, chic and they deliver formulas custom-made to target the requirements of the country’s youth. Pioneers of a healthy lifestyle, Skinvest is an all-rounder when it comes to nourishing the skin.

The up-to-the-minute product—CEO ensures that a busy lifestyle should not become an obstacle to achieving glowing and healthy-looking skin. You don’t need a complicated skincare routine with multiple steps to achieve flawless skin. The 3-in-one toner, moisturiser and serum is built to multitask and manage like the CEO of a company. There is no doubt that a hectic schedule along with pollution and stress aggravates multiple skin concerns. This powerful blend is therefore curated to fight most common skin concerns like uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation, acne, dark spots and enlarged pores. The effective combination of 27 active ingredients makes your life less complicated and helps you glow with confidence in one simple step.

The dermatologically tested product is suitable for all genders and skin types. It is the new and fastest way to see significant changes in your skin. The deeply hydrated and plum skin as a result of using the product relieves redness and leaves the skin with an instant glow and dewy finish. CEO is packed with antioxidants, clinically proven and effective ingredients and powerful Indian natural botanicals like ashwagandha, cannabis hemp seed oil and turmeric to give your skin the best of the best.

Divya Malpani, Founder & CEO of Skinvest, commented, “ The idea behind building this brand was to keep total transparency and provide the Indian consumers with quality products dedicated to working on their concerns. CEO—an all-in-one, travel friendly solution is made of clinically proven and natural Indian botanical ingredients, making it a product with the best of both the world qualities. The results are long-lasting and satisfying. Just 1-2 pumps is more than enough to get radiant skin and feel confident with CEO.”

June Biswas, head of marketing of Skinvest, commented, “ Skinvest helps you invest in your skin and is the go-to brand for all your skin concerns. The most important aspect of our brand identity is that it promotes the usage of natural and clinically tested ingredients which are safe and soft on the skin. The product CEO, launched recently, is the perfect partner for your skin even during busy schedules. One concoction that does the job of three, CEO is all you need for a simple, quick and effective skin-care routine.”

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