Sleepyhead’s Home and Lifestyle Portfolio is Now Festive Ready With an All-new Range of Chic Furniture and Furnishings

Sleepyhead’s Home and Lifestyle Portfolio is Now Festive Ready With an All-new Range of Chic Furniture and Furnishings

Sleepyhead, one of India’s leading D2C home décor brands, has launched a flurry of new products in contemporary, functional designs and chic colours across their living room, bedroom and furnishings range. Sleepyhead’s new products mark the cornerstone of the brand’s identity as a complete home and lifestyle brand. The products are designed to keep the millennial and gen z customer’s needs at the center and solve for new-age living requirements like work, study, leisure, relaxation and much more. These products are durable with termite-resistant properties and come with an element of play to maximise utility and spruce up your living space. What is even more exciting is that you can avail upto 40% discount on all their products, now live on the Sleepyhead Big Deal Sale. The sale starts on September 20th and will be live till October 24th, 2022.

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The new launch includes Sofas, Recliners, Bedsheets, Cushion Covers, Coffee tables, and much more.

  • Kiki Sofa: Sleepyhead’s Kiki Sofa is soft, comfortable, and roomy. Kiki Sofa starts from Rs 14999 and is available in vibrant color options like Earth Brown, Graphite Grey, Lava Orange and Sapling Green.
  • Swivel Rocker Recliner: Sleepyhead’s RX7 Recliner with its indulgent levels of comfort makes it hard to leave. It comes with a soft padded back and a plush seat cushion. With a smooth manual lever function, it reclines in 3 modes from an upright position to a lounging position to an indulgent 160-degree recline that’s perfect for power napping. It also features a rocking motion and 360-degree swivel for ultimate convenience. Sleepyhead’s swivel-rocker-recliner starts from Rs 26999 and comes in a range of vibrant options like Egyptian Brown, Irish Green, and Iceland Grey.
  • Coffee Tables: Sleepyhead’s Coffee tables save space and add style to your living room. Coffee tables come in two variants- Twosome&Peep. Each table is made from solid wood in contrasting wood finishes – one in a mahogany finish and the other in a provincial teak finish. Sleepyhead’s Twosome coffee table starts from Rs 8999 and Peep coffee table starts from Rs 9999.
  • Bedside Table: Sleepyhead’s Bedside tables are a solid choice for any room, they’re made with premium Sheesham wood with either provincial teak or honey brown finish. Sleepyhead’s bedside tables come in two variants- Ally and Mate. Ally has a tabletop, a spacious drawer, and an open shelf to help you maximize your bedside storage. Built to last, Sleepyhead Ally bedside table starts from Rs 5499 and the Mate bedside table starts at Rs 5999.
  • Bedsheets: Sleepyhead’s bedsheets are elegant and are made from 100% Cotton that’s light, airy and suited for all seasons. Sleepyhead offers six variants in bedsheets- Zodiac, Confetti, Hopscotch, Tetris, Bloom, and Hawaii. Sleepyhead’s 180 TC bedsheets in pop colors and curated patterns starts from Rs 1199 and come in two different colours each.Zodiac comes in Dark Teal & Grey with unique constellation patterns, Bloom in festive and modern florals comes in Maroon and Teal andHopscotch in trendy checks comes in Green and Yellow.
  • Pillows: Sleepyhead’s pillows give you adequate support but are also soft enough for ultimate comfort. Sleeping pillows come in two variants – Microfibre pillow &Memory Foam pillow. The Microfibre and Memory Foam Pillow can be bought in sets of 1 or 2 depending upon your requirement. Microfibre pillows start from Rs. 999 and Memory Foam pillows start from Rs. 1299.
  • Comforter: Sleepyhead’s Comforters relax you to sleep with its cozy feel. It has vibrant colours on both sides to brighten up the room décor and provides adequate warmth and comfort for an indulgent sleep. The comforter starts from Rs 1699 and comes in a wide range of vibrant colours such as Chrome Yellow, Citrus Orange, Coffee Brown, Lemon Green, Ocean Blue & Royal Blue.
  • Spring – Two-Sided Floral Cushion Covers: Sleepyhead’s Spring- two-sided floral cushion covers can be enjoyed with both designs to suit any room or décor-style. There is a striking design on the front and a neutral pattern on the back for all the times you crave a mini revamp for your home.
  • Dhurries: Sleepyhead Dhurries are digitally printed using inks and colors which resist fading over a long period of usage. These Dhurries are handmade from P.E.T that’s recycled from frequently used plastic carbonated beverages and water bottles. The Dhurries come in 4 different colours and designs such as Checks-Grey, Aztec-Blue, Maze-Grey and Grid-Blue and start from Rs 600.

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