Slip shield tiles, an innovation at its best from the house of Somany

Slip shield tiles, an innovation at its best from the house of Somany

Somany Ceramics Limited, an internationally acclaimed organisation, is renowned for being a pioneer in both design and innovation. The company always keeps up to its tradition of promoting products that are solution-focused and state-of-the-art. Somany Slip Shield floor tiles is one of the finest example that translates this vision of the brand.

Somany Slip Shield Floor tiles have been specially developed by the advanced in-house R&D team of Somany, which prevents any possibility of slipping, even when the surface is wet and soapy. These anti-skid tiles can be used in kitchen and bathroom floors and are ideal for kids and elderly who are more prone to accidents and slip. These tiles are also ideal to be used around parks & pool areas. Being resistant to scratches and blemishes, it lends a durable timeless elegance to the set ups.

The Slip Shield tiles are available in multiple shades and designs and thus aligning itself with all kinds of interior aesthetics. Having a strong anti-skid feature, these tiles are winning the market and helping people overcome the fear of getting slipped.

Somany Slip Shield tiles have been independently tested and certified by the Ceramic Research Company, Malaysia, which is the foremost independent institution in the world for scientific research in ceramic products.

USP of Slipshield

· No dirt accumulation on the surface.

· Easy to clean and maintain.

· No design / size limitations to produce the slip resistant tiles.

· Coefficient of friction is high enough even in wet or soapy condition.

· Ramp value > R11 which is an excellent slip resistance property.

Somany Slip Shield Tiles are available in popular 300X300mm & 600X600mm sizes.

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