SNPIT and Astar Network Collaborate to Transform Blockchain-Integrated Photography and NFT Marketplaces

Tokyo, Japan, July 2nd, 2024 – SNPIT, a trailblazer at the intersection of blockchain technology and photography, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Astar Network, Japan’s leading blockchain platform. This collaboration aims to leverage Astar Network’s robust blockchain infrastructure to enhance SNPIT’s innovative offerings and expand its user base globally.

Astar Network, a gateway for global web3 adoption, connects users to enterprises, entertainment, and gaming projects through its advanced, secure, and interoperable blockchain technology. Powered by Polygon and Polkadot, Astar offers customizable solutions to accelerate web3 development. This aligns perfectly with SNPIT’s vision of user empowerment. Since its inception, SNPIT has aimed to rediscover Earth’s beauty by letting users capture and share real-world photos with embedded data, further empowering users through their DePIN technology.

The primary goals of this venture are to leverage Astar Network’s extensive network and capabilities to achieve several key objectives: expanding SNPIT’s reach to a global audience, introducing SNPIT’s DePIN technology to a broader market through their new lifestyle app, and launching a special NFT badge on Sonova, Astar’s premier NFT marketplace, to commemorate the shared goal for mass adoption.

Sonova is the premier NFT marketplace on the Astar Network, designed for collectors and professional traders. Despite being a new platform, Sonova is backed by a team with extensive Web3 experience. The marketplace leverages Astar Network’s connections with major corporations such as Sony, Docomo, and Toyota, fostering collaborations and promoting Web3 native projects like SNPIT.

Toshiyuki Otsuka, Founder of SNPIT said: “SNPIT is excited to partner with Astar Network to leverage their advanced, secure, and interoperable blockchain technology. This collaboration allow us to reach a broader audience, driving mass adoption and empower our users to rediscover the beauty of the world through authentic, data-embedded photography”

“SNPIT is the next evolution of photography on blockchain, building an app that anyone with a phone can begin using. Nearly 55,000 users is proof that SNPIT is set for a successful global launch with Astar Network,” said Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Foundation.

This collaboration grants SNPIT global reach for its innovative lifestyle app featuring a DePIN-integrated camera lens. Users will benefit as they can experience SNPIT’s Snap to Earn feature, enabling them to earn rewards through the new camera lens in the lifestyle app, and create and own digital assets.

Additionally, users will have access to exclusive NFT badges on Sonova, celebrating the SNPIT and Astar Network cooperation.

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