Sparkling water: Disrupting the Indian beverage industry

Sparkling water: Disrupting the Indian beverage industry

Today, the demand for healthy beverages is rising in the Indian beverage space. The transformed habits, continuously changing needs, and urbanization of tier I and tier II cities have accelerated the growth of this industry. To cater to this demand and take inspiration from the west, key industry players are exploring the horizons of the beverage industry, especially the sparkling water segment. Sparkling water is a healthy soda embodiment, with added nutrients to keep the consumers active throughout the day.

This concept is still fairly new in India against the traditionally cherished sugar-infused pop soda. Most sodas in the market cannot be a true substitute for water since they contain sodium, artificial, and natural sweeteners. However, sparkling water is unique, as it plays the role of guilt and calorie-free substitute with no added sugar and no sodium for its conscious consumers.The industry is aligning with the needs of its consumers.

Aman Rastogi founder of Zenzi- a flavoured sparkling water brand believes that “The industry associates sparkling water with the terms like natural, healthy, responsible, and zero guilt. These are the foundation of a health-focused sparkling water brand narrative. The customers share a similar narrative, they are focused on their health and they want to take care of their bodies. Due to the lack of awareness, and premium pricing, there has been a barrier to reaching the average consumer. Hence, it’s quite essential to know that the customer is the central point of any product. We will need to listen to our customers and gain feedback on how we can improve the product or lineup to meet their needs. Another non-negotiable point is health and safety – it must be safe to consume even by children. I do believe India is primed and ready for healthier alternatives and more diverse options that will inevitably make their way here in the coming years.”

Zenzi was born to cater to the consumer’s health needs. Today people want to put health first while at home or even at a party. Zenzi’s vision is to create functional and healthy beverages while also making an impact in the community. The brand is working towards building a lifestyle that customers will gravitate towards to better themselves and the world. This requires a lot of industry and consumer research, testing, and trials, which is the beauty of startups. Zenzi is a high-quality product that will pave the way for other health-focused beverages in India- an incredibly fast-paced and emerging market. There is an exigency for continuous improvement and innovation, which requires a robust business strategy and plan for proper funding. It’s essential to try and find new ways to connect with customers. The future of the industry is certainly looking bright, as more health-focused brands are entering the market and trying to help change consumer behaviour together. One thing is for sure, health and wellness are more than a trend, it has become essential to our evolution, and Zenzi is grateful to be a part of this journey.

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