Sugar Free Salad Dressings by Cremica – A Food Product Conglomerate

Sugar Free Salad Dressings by Cremica – A Food Product Conglomerate

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Hyderabad: 17th November  2022: November 14th of every year is marked as World Diabetes Day. This year’s theme was access to Diabetes Education, which is a part of the larger multi-year theme ‘Access to Care’ by the World Health Organization (WHO). There are millions of people around the world who suffer from diabetes.

On this day Mr. Akshay Bector – Chairman and Managing Director Cremica Foods said, “The best way to prevent any disease is by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Made with a perfect blend of Omega 3 rich oils and Reduce Sugars, Hence offering the perfect balance of taste and health! acids are one of the nutrients that can help you fight against diabetes especially as they help to prevent the same. Cremica presents a range of Salad dressings that can make Salads delicious and healthier. Unlike most salad dressings, it is low in sugar and comes with a perfect blend of Omega 3-rich oils. Thanks to our constant innovation and research to have steady maintenance of quality for all our products. Cremica’s commitment towards quality and innovation is absolute and it has help to build a robust business despite of extreme competition in the market”.

Mr. Bector – Chairman and Managing Director of Cremica Foods, further added that Cremica Foods have around 15 delicious and healthy options which can make a tasty meal ready in just a few minutes. Cremica – an Indian Iconic brand, is a leader in Mayonnaise and Sauce categories in India and is known for its unique recipes and its state-of-the-art research and production standards. Brand is leading the food processing business through its range of products with its internationally certified production facilities, the consistency of its quality and its unmatched expertise in the industry. It is also a preferred vendor to some of the largest food giants in India like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’ and Subway, consistently scoring high on international quality tests and taste parameters.

OPERA chips are the first chips made in Olive oil in India by Cremica foods and till now, no one else has launched. 

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