Summer baths made better with Vivel Cool mint soap

Summer baths made better with Vivel Cool mint soap

Sipping on a chilled glass of buttermilk, nimbu paani, aam panna or watermelon juice is what our bodies crave for incessantly all through the summers. We indulge in a variety of cool drinks to keep our bodies hydrated but often forget that our skin too needs the very same treatment.

Indian summers can leave one feeling sweaty, tired and de-energized. Our skin’s sebaceous glands produce excess natural oil that makes the skin feel sticky, oily and blocks the pores. The more time you spend in heat outside, the more are the chances of your skin getting adversely impacted. A summer friendly beauty routine is advisable to keep your skin feeling happy, healthy and cool.

The cooling properties of Mint are no secret – whether it is in food, drinks or in beauty rituals. But mint also lends itself to hydration, and is a strong anti-bacterial and healing agent. So why not cast it as the chief protagonist of our summer blockbuster skin care routine, especially as part of our shower ritual. You might give your pots of cream or your gel tubes a miss here and there, but who would miss even a single shower in the summers.

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Add Vivel Cool Mint Soap enriched with Menthol and Mint oil in your bath and enjoy the benefits of a cooling sensation to the skin while keeping it soft and refreshed. This soap also lists Glycerine as a key ingredient which acts as a barrier to over-drying and is extremely beneficial to sensitive skin.

This trusted blend provides the skin with 99.9% germ protection and offers nourishment to the skin from deep inside to give youthful, soft, and supple-looking skin. It is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for daily usage. For soft and refreshed skin this summer, keep showering with the Vivel Cool Mint soap.

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