Swiggy Celebrates Biryani Like Never Before with ‘Daawat Biryani Fest’ This Weekend

India, 08th July 2024: Swiggy, India’s premier on-demand delivery platform, has partnered with Daawat Rice to bring an ultimate cookout experience for all biryani enthusiasts. A special ‘Daawat Biryani Fest’ is being served this weekend, featuring exclusive Swiggy deals at some of the top restaurant chains across India.

Swiggy recognizes India’s deep love for biryani. The 8th edition of “How India Swiggy’d” revealed that a staggering 2.5 biryanis were ordered every second in India in 2023. Biryani is also the dish of choice for many first-time Swiggy users, with a whopping 2.49 million users making their Swiggy debut with a biryani order. This year alone, there’s been a nearly 20% increase in biryani orders.

With the stats and sentiment in favour, Swiggy has partnered with Daawat rice, which championed the first Sunday of July as World Biryani Day to make the weekend even better for foodies.

What’s on the menu?

Up to 60% off on a wide variety of Biryanis from your favourite national and city brands. Special deals and offers will also be live through 5th and 6th July across select restaurants in India, including the likes of Behrouz Biryani, Paradise Biryani, The Biryani Inc. by EatVerse, That Andhra Guy, Chahat Biryani, and Charcoal Eats – Biryani & Beyond.

The Swiggy app will also feature an interactive biryani map, urging users to embark on a culinary voyage to discover iconic biryanis from different regions, allowing users to pick their favourite preparation styles. To add a dash of flavour to this activity, biryani that emerges victorious will be declared the people’s champion, and those who voted for the winning dish will get a flat ₹150 off their next biryani order.

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