Synersoft Technologies conducts webinar on IT Cost Saving: Ideas for MSMEs

 March 2023: Synersoft Technologies, a homegrown IT company, conducted a webinar on “MSME Special Cost Cutting Avenues” on March 14, 2023. The session witnessed valuable insights from Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft.

The major discussion of the webinar was on ways to minimize costs without compromising results. Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah spoke about reducing the expenditure on hardware, such as workstations, servers, and desktops. In this webinar, he also emphasizes lowering operating systems, client access licenses, and VPN client expenses. How to reduce the cost of a Google Workspace email subscription is also covered in the webinar. Mr. Shah explains how to reduce Internet bandwidth costs for branch offices and remote customers while addressing cost-saving strategies. This webinar also gives in-depth data about costing. The Black Box, which will aid the MSMEs sector in growing gracefully without spending as much money, was also covered in this webinar.

Speaking on the theme of the webinar, Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder at Synersoft Technologies, said, “Synersoft has implemented so many ideas for years, which helps us save a lot of money and enables us to put more capital into better avenues like product development, customer service, etc.”

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