Techfynder forays into Hyderabad and has aggressive expansion plans to tap the enormous market potential!

Techfynder forays into Hyderabad and has aggressive expansion plans to tap the enormous market potential!

Hyderabad, April 2022: Techfynder – India’s fastest-growing direct recruiting portal, formally forayed into Hyderabad, with the brand being unveiled at Westin Hotel. Techfynder is an award-winning global service for businesses to post jobs and hire talent locally and across the world and for jobseekers to find job opportunities in their location matching their skills.

To cope with the unprecedented demand for the right talent, the company has announced aggressive expansion plans across India including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Techfynder intends to make significant investments in these cities over the next three years, to bridge the demand and supply of over 1,000 new jobs in the technology, sales, marketing and recruitment areas within the global business.


Mr Paul Guy (2nd from Right), Global Marketing Director, TechFynder; flanked by (L-R) Mr Madhu Govind, Country Head, TechFynder; Mr Brendan O Connor, Director, TechFynder; Mr Harsha, Branding Manager India, TechFynder; announcing techfynder’s foray into Hyderabad market and their expansion plans, at a press conference, today at Westin Hotel, Hitec City.

The Techfynder solution is an AI-based technology platform that allows businesses to directly contact candidates matching the applicable skill, location and salary requirements by subscribing to it and like most subscriptions, one can cancel at any point in time. There are multiple reasons to utilise the platform, from hiring as a one-off, a 12-month recruiting drive or building a workforce remotely. The platform offers different packages to suit varied types of business through a subscription service.

The HRTech service, launched in Ireland in 2019, now has a global talent base in over 150 countries worldwide with clients such as KPMG, NTT Data, TES-Amm, Wipro and HCL across all sectors, including Information Technology, Finance & Insurance & Pharmaceutical.

Paul Guy, Global Marketing Director, TechFynder, said, we are bullish about enormous growth potential in India and are confident of Indian companies using the platform and availing the immediate results. We see huge opportunity across all of India, not just in Tech cities. We have base in 150 countries worldwide and we have a unique USP against our competitors. We have different business models to suit the customer’s needs. Hyderabad will be the India headquarters and for Asia in future.   

Madhu Govind, Country Head, TechFynder, shared the details of the latest add-on feature for business, a unique Reference Check functionality. This addition is a blockchain-enabled Career Reference locker for employees to store their references while applying for new jobs, this feature enables potential employers to check references from previous employers on their work history and vice versa. This novel feature is the first in the HR Technology space with innovative and disruptive technology to help employers hire confidently and make better decisions. We have something very unique in the market. Today, Techfynder is recognised for its adaptability, speed, the flexibility of our platform, and high success rates in finding qualified and experienced talents for all business needs. 

TechFynder’s focus now is India, we have one lakh plus job seekers registered on our platform and every day at the rate of 500 are adding to it. The main difference between existing players in the market and TechFynder is, our platform is subscription based while others are commission based. By subscribing to TechFynder one can hire people right away and any number of employees. Both job seekers and employers can register free of cost. This platform is enormously useful to job finders, the Artificial Intelligence the platform deploys, alerts about the jobs available for their relevant skills and they can apply for them. Even employers are alerted about the pool of job seekers available through Artificial Intelligence for the skills they are looking for. There are no middlemen in this entire process. TechFynder has 200 plus employees in India, Europe, USA and UK. We have tied up with local NGO partners like Nipuna, who are doing a fantastic job by organizing local job fairs. As part of CSR initiative, we are sponsoring almost 30,000 youth, who are registered with our platform and will be getting jobs using our platform. Around 60% of the youth in India are unemployed therefore our thrust is on India, 20% are from European markets, 10% from USA and another 10% from rest of the world. In India there is huge fan following for cricket, therefore we are sponsoring Ireland and India 20-20 matches in June, said Madhu Govind.

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