Technology Lights Up a Bright Future vivo Releases its First Sustainability Report

Technology Lights Up a Bright Future vivo Releases its First Sustainability Report

A new scientific and technological revolution and an industrial transformation are underway, bringing about profound changes to smart devices and mobile connectivity. How can technology companies leverage innovation to create a sustainable future? Recently, vivo released its vivo 2021 Sustainability Report, introducing vivo’s sustainability philosophy, strategy, and practice. The report uses established reporting practices to ensure an objective, transparent and comprehensive overview of vivo’s sustainability efforts. The company’s sustainability concept of “Technology Lights Up a Bright Future” is supported by four strategic pillars, including technology sharing, green symbiosis, value creation and community responsibility, advocating the use of technology for the greater good. The company aims to enchase its contribution to sustainable development and establish a blueprint for long-term success.

“We believe that a healthy and sustainable company needs to strike a balance with the nature, resources and society that it relies on and take on social responsibility so that it can thrive,” said Shen Wei, founder, president and CEO of vivo. In vivo’s view, technology enterprises can only achieve sustainable development and gain momentum for growth when they follow the trend of the era and the industry. vivo is committed to its values to share, give back to society, and contribute to social good.

Focusing on four strategic sustainability areas to continuously create social value

Adhering to its original aspiration that technology should aim to bring people joy, vivo puts the integration of technological innovation and digital responsibility at the core of its development philosophy to benefit everyone and help create a better digital future. Since its founding, vivo has constantly been gaining insights into consumer needs. The company relies on its technological innovation in four dimensions, namely industrial design, imaging system, operating system, and performance, as well as its global R&D network to create an ultimate yet simple user experience. Such innovations include customized imaging chip, vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, in-display fingerprint scanning technology, and Gimbal Stabilization technology. At the same time, vivo is committed to creating a more equitable digital world. The company makes great efforts to provide accessible information, age-friendly products, and other user-friendly features, enabling every user to embrace the digital world.

The sustainable development of an enterprise relies on the natural environment, and promoting green development is vivo’s responsibility as a corporate citizen. In terms of production, vivo carries out “low-carbon recycling” throughout the entire product life cycle. It continues to reduce the environmental impact and improves the use of resources by using green packaging, strictly controlling harmful substances, and establishing recycling and disposal mechanisms. In terms of operations, vivo promotes green and low-carbon production and operation, energy conservation and environmental protection and utilizes process upgrading and management optimization to reduce energy and resource consumption and emissions. One example is the self-built photovoltaic system and an enhanced water management system. The data in the sustainability report shows that vivo’s environmental management efforts all meet the standards in terms of non-hazardous waste recycling, wastewater treatment and greenhouse gas emissions rate.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. In vivo’s view, the long-term and steady development of the company cannot be achieved without the cohesion of employees, suppliers and business partners. Altruism is vivo’s guiding principle. The company pays attention to the core needs of internal and external partners and upholds the principles of fairness, justice, integrity, and sustainability. The company works together with business partners to promote responsible procurement and create a win-win ecosystem of mutual trust and cooperation. In addition, vivo actively participates in setting industry standards. In the fields of communication, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), vivo has directly or indirectly led or participated in the development of more than 400 national standards, industry standards and group standards, continuously leading and promoting the technological development of the industry.

As a global citizen, vivo undertakes the responsibilities and obligations of corporate citizenship and participates in social development and public welfare. In the past ten years, vivo has been actively involved in disaster relief and community welfare at home and abroad. It has joined hands with domestic and foreign public welfare organizations such as One Foundation to support various programs, including the “Water Purification Program” and “Walk for Love”. In the future, vivo will continue its efforts to promote information accessibility and inclusive education, and undertake corporate social responsibility.

Maintaining a long-term perspective and the value of Benfen

“Develop into a healthier, more sustainable world-class corporation” has always been the vision of vivo, which determines that vivo is a company that maintains a long-term perspective and takes the road of sustainable development. vivo’s core value, Benfen, means to stay true to the original aspiration, doing the right things and doing things right, and maintaining a long-term perspective. “In the future, vivo will always adhere to the brand spirit of ‘daring to pursue perfection, while continuously creating the surprises’, shoulder the responsibility and mission of a technology company, iterate products and experiences, undertake social responsibility, and help solve more social problems with the power of science and technology.” said Shen Wei. Following Benfen, vivo is devoted to sustainable development and will continue to use its technology to help create a better future.

Small steps lead to great achievements. The first Sustainability Report is a summary and review of vivo’s accomplishments in sustainable development and marks a new push towards excellence. In the future, vivo will remain committed to its four strategic pillars for sustainable development, leveraging technology to create more social value and bring joy and beauty to people.

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