Thomas Cook India invests in the growing Overseas Education space

Thomas Cook India invests in the growing Overseas Education space

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Mumbai, July 27, 2022: Education Forex forms a key segment of Thomas Cook’s Foreign Exchange business. Having witnessed a significant 20% YoY increase pre-COVID, the Company has seen rapid recovery and growth for the segment – surpassing pre-pandemic levels over the past few months. To cater to India’s growing international education segment, Thomas Cook (India) Limited – India’s leading omnichannel company has launched #AllAboutStudyingAbroad – a series of informative videos to guide students aspiring to study overseas. The Company intends to build the largest comprehensive repository of videos and blogs over the next few months to support its outbound student segment.

Planning to study abroad can be a challenging and stressful process for both students and parents, with doubts and concerns encountered at each stage. Thomas Cook India has hence collaborated with Industry experts to address frequently asked questions/ challenges that students face via educational yet engaging videos and blogs. The #AllAboutStudyingAbroad video/blog content has been designed basis ongoing interactions and feedback with the student and parent community.

Thomas Cook’s aim is to build an engaged community of students and their parents and provide much needed guidance and support across their journey – from researching and applications to travel and foreign exchange solutions for overseas education.

#AllAboutStudyingAbroad covers relevant topics to bridge the knowledge gap for students planning to study abroad, including: benefits of overseas education, top countries for overseas studies, fee structures, financial aspects, scholarships, loans, forex, travel and visa, country specific accommodation options, availability of part-time jobs for students, etc. The formats selected are basis student preference – and range from videos, blogs, news bulletins to conversations with experts in the field.

The videos will be available across media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and a channel of direct communication will be established through the comment section. In addition, updates on recent developments in international education will be shared every fortnight and an industry expert will address queries at the end of each month.

Mr. Deepesh Varma, Senior Vice-President – Foreign Exchange, Thomas Cook (India) Limited. said, Indian students are faced with numerous doubts and concerns while planning their education overseas and this results in undue stress/uncertainty for them. To address these challenges and support our students and their parents, Thomas Cook India has launched #AllAboutStudyingAbroad – a series of informative videos and blogs to provide the student community with much-needed guidance. We have selected engaging formats of videos, blogs and interactive sessions with domain experts, with the content conveniently accessible across YouTube and key social media platforms. Over the next few months, our aim is to build the largest repository of videos and blogs that cover an extensive range of frequently asked questions on studying abroad.”

Thomas Cook India’s focus on the overseas education segment is reiterated in its enhanced Study Buddy program that offers students a range of Forex benefits:
End-to-End Portfolio: Application Fees, University Fees, Living Expenses, Student Fee Remittances, Prepaid card, cash
Forex delivery in 2 hours #GharpeForex
Reload of Forex Prepaid Cards within 2 hours
University Remittances in 4 easy steps; within 24 hours
Contactless & Frictionless services via Thomas Cook India’s hybrid Clicks & Mortar model

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