TV9 Network, Maharashtra Govt & globally acclaimed FC Bayern Munich Club sign up for Maharashtracha Mahasankalp

TV9 Network, Maharashtra Govt & globally acclaimed FC Bayern Munich Club sign up for Maharashtracha Mahasankalp

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TV9 Network, Maharashtra Govt & globally acclaimed FC Bayern Munich Club sign up for Maharashtracha Mahasankalp		Mumbai, March 20, 2023: Bolstering India’s World Cup Football chance, TV9 Marathi, the undisputed leader in Marathi news genre hosted Maharashtracha Mahasankalp – Mission World Cup conclave on Tuesday, March 14, in Mumbai.

The unique initiative witnessed India’s financial leader, Maharashtra, global football club FC Bayern join hands with TV9, India’s largest television news network for the football global quest.

The Conclave is a key facet of TV9 Marathi’s resolution, Maharashtracha Mahasankalp, to bring to light Maharashtra’s giant strides in infrastructure development, business, sports, and societal welfare. It witnessed the presence of football luminaries charting India’s roadmap to the football World Cup, and the world’s leading football club FC Bayern shared its philosophy on the sport in the Indian context.

FC Bayern’s youth programs spread their unique “Mia san Mia” philosophy worldwide through partnerships that focus on knowledge and training methods. Values such as respect, ambition, “fair play,” and team spirit are at the heart of their philosophy. In this process, each partnership focuses on an intensive and constant exchange of knowledge, tradition, and training methods.

The main attraction of the conclave was the felicitation of 20 Maharashtra kids by Hon’ble Sports Minister Shri Girish Mahajan, selected during the FC Bayern Maharashtra Cup, these kids are headed to Germany for training to kickstart their cherished goal.

“The FC Bayern Club was chosen to help students and coaches understand good football techniques and help them in becoming good players. The role of the state government is that Maharashtra should be number one in sports. The goal is that the athletes of Maharashtra should be at the top in Olympic and Commonwealth International competitions,” said Girish Mahajan, Maharashtra Sports Minister. 

Speaking on this occasion, Barun Das, MD & CEO of TV9 Network, said, “India is driving the global agenda across diverse domains. From geo-economics to geo-politics and now influencing the world with its soft power at the Oscars. I am sure excellence in the global sporting arena like World Cup soccer or Olympics is not too far away.”

“At TV9 Network we are elated to join two institutions of humongous reach and repute – the Maharashtra Government & FC Bayern Munich Club – to realize the World Cup football dream as well as achieving international glory for football talent in India,” added Barun Das.

Other prominent guests who attended the Conclave included Ranjit Singh Deol, Principal Secretary of, the School Education and Sports Department, Maharashtra, Suhas Diwase, Commissioner of Sports & Youth Services, Maharashtra, and a special representative from the German Consulate, Mumbai, Consular Kim Wuth.

Matthias Brosamer, Head Asia, Sports FC Bayern Munich, and Divyank Singh, Manager, Event, Southeast Asia, FC Bayern Munich, sent their video message to motivate and encourage the young sporting talent.

The 20 young football enthusiasts who were felicitated at the event are:

1       Aaditya Pawan Gupta

2       Mohammad Rizwanuddin Zainulabeedin

3       Samrat Krushnat Morbale

4       Nethan Dolfi Vaz

5       Aditya Madhav Lekami

6       Ryan Ronald Pereira

7       Swaraj Mahesh Sawant

8       Yuvraj Sandeep Kadam

9       Khwairakpam Nibash Singh

10     Yug Santosh Zinje

11     Raghav Pankaj Kanodia

12     Ved Prakash Patel

13     Sarvesh Nitin Yadav

14     Rajveer Sujit Gurav

15     Parth Vijay Talkokul

16     Dhruv Sandip Ganore

17     Sachin Yogesh Sonnis

18     Shouryajeet Sarang Patil

19     Shivam Abhishek Kumar Singh

20     Rio Jaideep Pane

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