UEI Global Organises a Fusion of American & Mexican Food Festival

UEI Global Organises a Fusion of American & Mexican Food Festival

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November 2022: UEI Global Education is an educational initiative of Berggruen Charitable Trust (USA), India’s top rated Hospitality Education Institutions since 2007. UEI offers courses that can be split into Traditional Higher Education and Vocational Training.

UEI Global currently has 9 state-of-the-art campuses across 9 cities pan India. UEI Global offers a bouquet of industry-oriented programs focused on the requirements of the service sector. The vision is to impart education through meticulous & contemporary curriculum, standardized processes and qualified faculty in a world class environment to create multi-skilled professionals.

UEI Global ensures high standards across session adherence, practical training, industry acclimatization, extracurricular activities, project & assignments, focusing on personality development & grooming to ensure an all-round development of students. UEI places strong emphasis on industry requirements, which allows it to achieve high placement ratios ~95%, both in India and internationally in star category properties and allied industries.

In order to support State and Central Government mission to create skilled workforce both for getting employed in Industry and being capable enough to create jobs; UEI Global Delhi works on the principle of entrepreneurial learning and uses innovative teaching pedagogy to align skill with management by exposing them to an array of innovative business opportunities to create high grade skill students with entrepreneurial abilities.

A similar gastronomic and innovative experience was initiated by the First-Year students of UEI Global Delhi by showcasing the Mexican food theme “Tex Mex Fiesta – Experience a Taste of Mexico (Day of Family, Fun and Frolic) – 2022“on Saturday, the 19th November, 2022, at Rohini, Delhi campus. The food festival featuring a wholesome menu created from authentic Mexican ingredients was served in an ambience created to make the patron get a feel of Texas & Mexican fusion style of eating.

And, the guests were none other than their own parents, guardians and relatives who savored the delicacies while watching them being prepared while students had an exciting time creating, serving and explaining their creations!!

The parents and relatives of students had a fabulous time; they interacted with the UEI fraternity, enjoyed watching their wards creativity and carried home a string of memories.

Mr. Manish Khanna, Managing Director, UEI Global Education said, “For last 15Y we have been continually innovating and creating multiple ways of teaching & enhancing the learning for our students. We have students from all walks of life with various backgrounds and we attempt to stay along with their journey and give them the experiential & contemporary education which is aligned internationally, so that our students can strive to work across various geographies and that’s what we did with our Tex Mex Fiesta at Delhi to align them with the Mexican culture and food. UEI Global over the period has developed a high quality and well-balanced course which is offered in a unique blend of skills & management in a conventional format, offering both modern and internationally accepted education. The curriculum is industry relevant, both at the domestic and international level and is based on the principle of ‘entrepreneurial learning’ of Hospitality. UEI Global strives for academic excellence to create tomorrow’s leaders in global hospitality.”

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