UPES and JSW MG Motor India collaborate to empower future engineers

National, July 02, 2024: UPES, Dehradun-based Multidisciplinary University and JSW MG Motor India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to empower students with new-age skills and gain experience in the automotive industry. This strategic partnership is part of the MG Nurture Program, which aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia by helping students develop skills relevant to the job market.

UPES and JSW MG Motor India collaborate to empower future engineers

MG Nurture program’s CAEV (Connected, Autonomous & Electric Vehicle) course will provide an opportunity for students at UPES to learn about the internal components of electric vehicles. With this, students will gain practical knowledge through the automobile engineering courses offered in the curriculum. JSW MG Motor India through this strategic partnership with over 40 colleges, aims to upskill over 100,000 students. This program extends beyond EVs to encompass Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, enriching engineering, and diploma colleges across India.

Furthermore, the brand is involved in skilling and upskilling initiatives. In a bid to enhance this dedication, JSW MG Motor India has introduced EVPEDIA, a pioneering EV education platform. EVPEDIA aims to offer extensive digital resources to educate and promote EV adoption across India.

“At UPES, our focus has always been on empowering the youth and fostering a future-ready ecosystem that enables them to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields. This collective effort will equip our students with new-age skills and knowledge which will help them realise their true potential. Together, we are paving the way for a generation of leaders who will reshape our future,” said Manish Madaan, Registrar and Head of Training & Placements, UPES.

Speaking about MG Nurture, Yeshwinder Patial, Senior Director – Human Resources, JSW MG Motor India said, “Our partnerships under MG Nurture go beyond upskilling of the next generation, we aim to establish a strong knowledge base for the student fraternity and prepare them for the future in the automotive industry. We have academic partnerships with institutions nationwide, offering elective courses that give students hands-on learning experiences.”

As a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary university, UPES is steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation, nurturing talent across diverse fields, and driving impactful research. Embracing a dynamic approach to education, UPES promotes a culture of exploration, innovation, and creativity.

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