Vestige empowering women to fuel their entrepreneurial journey

In an era where economic independence is crucial, women across India are discovering a unique avenue for entrepreneurial growth through direct selling. The transformative impact of direct selling allows women to utilise this platform as a stepping stone towards achieving financial independence and shaping their entrepreneurial journey. One of India’s leading home-grown direct-selling companies Vestige Marketing stands out as a key player in this transformation, earning the esteemed title of India’s most trusted direct-selling brand in 2023 by TRA (Trust Research Advisory). Vestige believes in gender equality and focuses on nurturing and empowering the skills of its people. Ever since its inception in 2004, the company has worked hard to empower women, youth and retired professionals, amongst others. With a robust business model of equal opportunity, Vestige has enabled many women to join its platform and become financially independent. It aims to use women’s natural talents to develop the direct selling sector by empowering and enabling their entrepreneurial talents.

With a population exceeding 1.4 billion, India’s journey toward economic self-sufficiency takes on a new dimension when viewed through the lens of women empowerment. Direct selling is a burgeoning industry valued at Rs 16,000 crore and is projected to reach Rs 64,500 crore by 2025, according to the FICCI-KPMG Report. Additionally, the report predicts that women will make up over 60% of network participants in the direct selling industry. It offers a flexible pathway for women to engage in direct-to-consumer sales, utilising social networks to build their businesses in alignment with their interest in a particular segment. Far beyond being a mere economic activity, direct selling is today evolving into a vehicle for self-reliance, resonating deeply with the ethos of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ It emerges as a pivotal force driving economic inclusivity, in line with the Union Budget 2023-24’s emphasis on expanding the FMCG sector to support women’s self-employment and financial freedom.

With almost 2 decades of its establishment, Vestige has consistently demonstrated its commitment to supporting women through direct selling, establishing a strong foundation of trust. This commitment has led to the creation of a dedicated workforce that drives sales, benefiting both the participants and the organization’s financial success. Vestige conducts skill development workshops and other activities aimed at providing women with necessary information while boosting their confidence. Although both men and women benefit from these initiatives, they serve as a significant confidence booster for women entering the world of entrepreneurship and fostering self-reliance. Moreover, they enable women to overcome societal, financial, and other barriers that hinder their growth. Leveraging its extensive network in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, Vestige is providing opportunities for upskilling and self-employment to women throughout India.”

According to Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director of Vestige Marketing, “As we step into our 20th year, we envision a brighter future to lead women into living a healthy and economically independent life. We acknowledge and celebrate the significant contribution of women in India’s direct selling industry. With 34% of our distributors being women, Vestige actively promotes economic independence and empowerment. Beyond mere distribution, Vestige propels self-reliance and entrepreneurship, catalysing a ripple effect that uplifts households and strengthens India’s economy. With a commitment to empowering women, Vestige has been playing a pivotal role in driving impactful change at both individual and national levels.”

As we navigate the future of direct selling in India, it’s crucial to acknowledge the broader industry dynamics and the transformative impact on women’s lives. Vestige, as a significant player, plays a role not just in its own growth but also in contributing to industry conversations around empowerment and inclusivity. The commitment to empowering individuals, especially women, and promoting self-sufficiency remains at the core of its mission. This isn’t just about one company, it’s about catalysing transformative change and enriching lives in a broader societal context, particularly for women striving towards self-reliance and prosperity in the burgeoning wave of entrepreneurship

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