Viraj Profiles and Avaada Pace Ahead in Their Green Journey with 130 MW DC Solar Energy Venture

July 9th, 2024: In a landmark development, Viraj Profiles Pvt Ltd. and Avaada have successfully commissioned their joint venture- the 130 MW DC Solar Power Plant in Soyagaon, Maharashtra. With effective planning to achieve this milestone, Viraj Profiles signed up with Avaada to set up the Solar Power Project in March 2023 with a target to transform 40% of their energy usage to solar by mid-2024. Both partners worked towards the set goal with unwavering commitment. The completion of this project highlights the focus of Viraj Profiles on sustainability and renewable energy sources at this moment, setting a new standard for India’s steel industry.

Mr. Neeraj Raja Kochhar, CMD, Viraj Profiles, announced the commencement of generating and delivering power from the Solar Power Plant, effective from 00:00 hours on July 1, 2024. He thanked Mr Vineet Mittal, CMD, Avaada Group, and his team for their collaborative effort in delivering the project effectively.

‘This project is the realization of a dream that we have nurtured for the last three years—to go green and use renewable solar power in all Viraj installations,’ said Mr. Kochhar. ‘This epitomizes our dedication towards responsible and sustainable business.’

Project Highlights
The solar power project, spread over approximately 350 acres, is designed with 130 MW DC capacity to generate 200 million units of green energy annually. The project has an approximate lifespan of 25 years, during which it can produce 5,000 million units of green energy. This massive energy supply indicates that the project can sharply reduce dependence on traditional energy resources.
The environmental benefits are equally impressive. In a year, the project will save 17,196 MTOE (metric tons of oil equivalent) and reduce emissions by 77,110 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 3,547,089 trees annually.
Over the course of 25 years, these savings and reductions will scale dramatically:
● Total Green Energy Generation: 5,000 million units
● Conventional Electrical Energy Saved: 429,900 MTOE (equivalent to 3,115,217 barrels of oil)
● Reduction in CO2 Emission: 1,927,750 tons
● Equivalent Tree Plantation: 88,677,225 trees

A Step Towards Sustainable Future
This Solar Power Initiative showcases Viraj Profiles’ commitment toward sustainability, as it stands on the company’s larger objectives to reduce environmental impact and provide energy-efficient solutions. Using renewable energy sources to power operations at Viraj Profiles is also part of the proactive measures that will help reduce its carbon footprint and build a culture of environmental stewardship.

This initiative is one of the pioneering actions, inspiring other industrial players to move toward sustainability and supporting India’s commitment to Net Zero. Viraj Profiles is keen on increasing the share of energy obtained from renewable sources with the growing development of technology and the evolution of regulatory frameworks to enhance the sustainability profile further.

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