Weddings and Marigolds Studio presents Tina Eapen’s latest collection called Step into Spring from May 24th 2023 onwards


Weddings and Marigolds Studio presents Tina Eapen’s latest collection called Step into Spring. She presents a collection of garments that are rooted in its traditions yet global in its charm. The beauty and authenticity of the label rest in the textile process, where materials pass from the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the handmade and creating pieces that have a unique story to share. Tina Eapen persistently seeks to reintroduce traditional Indian textiles and lovingly hand-crafted clothing by skilled artisans to suit urban, chic, and comfortable everyday fashion that you can wear anytime, anywhere. In the price range from Rs.4,000/- to Rs.10,000/- from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm from May 24th, 2023 onwards at Weddings & Marigolds Studio, 12, Kottur Garden Link Road, Kotturpuram, Chennai. Ph: 09840030126

The beginning…..

The chatter of the guests and the enticing aroma of food permeate the air, but she is distracted by more exciting visions. A flash of green. The touch of silk. The subtle glint of a tiny mirror. Loops, knots, and ridges of embroidery. While most other people were focused on sampling the food and exchanging scandalous gossip, a certain young lady is absorbed in the way textiles move and breathe – texture, color, workmanship – nothing is lost to her eyes that are so eager for detail. And thus, amidst all the chaos, love, and colors of the many weddings, christenings, Urapeers, and family gatherings of Kerala, the dream was born, the seed of an idea planted. The fabulous clothing range now known as ‘Tina Eapen’ is the fulfillment of that handcrafted dream – the work of a young woman who followed her passion for clothing from the living rooms and reception halls of Kerala and presented them to the world.

Like the best of dreamers, Tina thrives in making every piece of her work unique. Not one element of the clothing is left to mass-producing machine work or store-bought ease. The evidence lies in the process behind the creation of each of these masterpieces – the saree you hold in your hand may have traveled to as many as four different parts of the country before reaching the level of a perfected finished product.

Tina’s passion lies in working from the grass-root level and she enjoys employing the aid of artisans and weavers from remote areas. Much time and effort go into mixing her fabrics – ensuring the weave is perfect, and the colors one-of-a-kind. Often, she combines different yarns to make unique blends. Always experimenting, she ensures that not a single piece of clothing is dull or commonplace.

Keeping with the spirit of her old memories, that first spark of inspiration that blazed a trail of creative energies, she has been working with traditional craftsmen and artisans for years. Organic raw materials and natural fabrics fascinate her and often form the baseline for her clothing range. She also tries to incorporate styles and skills from across the country, weaving, and printing in Bhagalpur, Chanderi, Jaipur and Kalahasthi. To add even more intricacy to her work, she always adds a personal finishing touch –unique packaging, tiny tassels, and different little embellishments to ensure that what you wear is a truly individual piece.

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