WinZO unites with Carry Minati for its Bharat Tech Triumph initiative

WinZO logoNational, 23 March 2024: WinZO, India’s largest vernacular interactive entertainment platform, united with Carry Minati, Asia’s leading influencer with over 40 million subscribers, for its Bharat Tech Triumph initiative that supports and inspires the Indian game developer community at the first-ever India Pavilion at Game Developer Conference.

WinZO had launched the ‘Bharat Tech Triumph’ initiative to enhance the global export of culturally relevant games and related technology originated in Bharat, marking a significant leap for the nation’s gaming industry onto the global stage. The winning companies through the program are showcasing their products in the first-ever India Pavilion at the world’s largest gaming conference, the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

“WinZO’s Bharat Tech Triumph competition marked a pioneering moment for game developers in India, providing a platform for global exposure. Amidst fierce competition, only 10 developers earned sponsorship, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their creations internationally and proudly represent India on the global stage,” Carry Minati can be seen speaking in the video shot at the India Pavilion in GDC.

The winners of the Bharat Tech Triumph include:

  •  “Kurukshetra,” an epic card-based strategy game inspired by the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
  •  “Mumbai Gullies,” an action-adventure game set in the bustling city of Mumbai.
  •  “Shri Ram Mandir,” a simulation/arcade game enabling players to construct the iconic temple.
  •  “ScarFall,” a multiplayer battle royale shooting game.
  • “Invrse Cricket,” a virtual reality cricket game offering an immersive experience.
  •  “Bloom,” is a charming narrative-driven puzzle game.
  •  “Mayanagari,” India’s premier Hindi 3D open-world gangster game.
  •  “Unsung Empire: The Cholas,” a 3D action-adventure game featuring sword-based combat.
  •  “Spook A Boo,” a physics-based couch co-op game that promises a console-like experience

The Bharat Tech Triumph initiative now endeavors to empower gaming developers to represent themselves in other leading markets, further cementing India’s foothold in the global gaming arena and promoting Indian leadership.

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