World Tourism Day 2022: Startups that will make travelling easier

World Tourism Day 2022: Startups that will make travelling easier

Celebrated on 27 September every year, World Tourism Day is focused on promoting tourism across the world. This annual observance was first initiated by the United Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO) in the year 1980 and ever since then has played a vital role in shaping world tourism.

Themed around “Rethinking Tourism”, this year World Tourism Day will focus on reviewing, rethinking and redeveloping tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be hosted by Indonesia and led by the representative of Bali’s tourism sector where representatives from UNWTO states will be invited as well.

As the countdown begins to celebrate World Tourism Day, here is a look at some of the Startups that are shaping up the tourism industry and making travelling easier: 

· SanKash: A travel enabler, SanKash makes travel more reachable, affordable and fulfilling by offering flexible, pay-over-time payment choices. With SanKash’s Monthly Payment Plan one can easily plan a vacation without worrying about money and pay it back within a duration of 3-15 months. More than just another payment option, SanKash improves important travel marketing metrics including conversion, booking value, channel loyalty, cross-sell and ancillary revenue. SanKash brings proven fintech innovation to its partners, offers travellers attractive interest rates and raises lending capacity.

· OYO Rooms: Well! Who hasn’t heard about the world’s leading chain of hotels and homes—OYO Rooms. The startup has been a major enabler of easy, affordable and convenient stay for tourists across 35 countries today. OYO Rooms also plays a vital role in empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes by providing full-stack technology that increases earnings and eases operations thereby promoting tourism.

· mPokket: Unable to plan a trip due to shortage of finances? Well! Don’t worry, mPokket has got you covered. The startup offers secure instant personal loans to students and working professionals. It serves as a healthy companion for those who need instant cash to fulfil unexpected expenses or even plan a trip. At mPokket, the process to avail loan is super easy. You just need to download the app and fill in a few details to avail yourself money within minutes. The best part is that the entire process is paperless and simple. So, if short on cash and planning for a trip, just download the app and avail an instant loan with a click of a button.

· Thrillophilia: Based on creating travel experiences for tourists, Thrillophilia is a premium service provider to leisure travellers and even the corporate sector. The startup serves as a guide to a wealth of activities and offers curated experiences to travellers across India. The platform has emerged to become India’s most thrilling name when it comes to selling experiences online with a focus on 15 Asian countries including Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Bali.

· Tripoto: A social travel platform to share and discover travel experiences, Tripoto is your one-stop destination to discover complete itineraries of friends, global travellers and even celebrities. With Tripoto, you can browse travel, photos, maps, reviews and recommendations. You can also build your own brand as a traveller by uploading travel photos and creating visually stunning itineraries on the platform. If you are looking for travel companions, you can meet and connect with like-minded travellers from across the world and add their trips to your wish list and plan your perfect vacation.

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