ZMCL launches Al-Driven PINEWZ Hyperlocal News app, Your PIN code, your stories


Brace yourself for a revolutionary transformation in the way you consume news with the imminent arrival of PINEWZ, the state-of-the-art AI-driven Hyperlocal News App! With an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled accuracy and authenticity, this innovative app is poised to redefine our interaction with local news.

Through seamless integration of advanced AI technology, PINEWZ, by Zee Media Corporation Limited, will revolutionize the news consumption experience, promising citizens news precision and reliability that transcends conventional standards. It provides professional journalists with a platform to create online profiles and share impactful stories and videos, connecting directly with a local audience. This innovative Hyperlocal application is set to redefine our interaction with local news, promising unparalleled accuracy and authenticity tailored to your specific location using a unique PIN code delivery system.

PINEWZ employs a cutting-edge combination of blockchain technology, AI, and expert human moderation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to news delivery. This app also promises to take a proactive stance against misinformation, fake news, and deepfakes in the news sphere. Its content distribution model prioritizes speed and reliability, employing rigorous analysis of hyperlocal images, videos, and text to cross-reference facts. The Human Moderation Dashboard adds a final layer of verification, making PINEWZ the epitome of trustworthiness in hyperlocal news delivery, all precisely tailored as per your unique PIN code.

Emphasizing on the purpose-driven nature of the launch, a Zee Media Corporation Limited spokesperson highlighted, “At PINEWZ, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge AI with the art of human storytelling to craft a unique experience. Beyond being a mere app, we stand as your community’s storytellers, where diverse voices—ranging from everyday individuals to seasoned journalists. Picture a space where these local perspectives intertwine, offering a personalized narrative curated as per the users’ PIN code. We’re not just transforming how news is delivered, but look forward to elevating it into an art form. Join us on this journey, and together, let’s capture the authentic essence of your community as it unfolds in real-time.”

In a world where information is abundant, PINEWZ stands as a beacon of accuracy, authenticity, and community-centric news delivery. Setting itself apart with an advanced AI-powered content verification system, it will cater to diverse stakeholders such as content creators, citizens, advertisers, local governments, and communities, the app provides a personalized news feed tailored to each user’s location and preferences.

Zee Media Corporation Ltd, one of India’s leading media companies, has a strong presence in the news and regional genres, with 16 news channels in seven different languages, reaching more than 528+ million viewers through its linear and digital properties.

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