zPlus Care launches unique offering to enable customers take care of medical expenses with cashbacks earned on shopping

Hyderabad, 10, March 2023: Turning online shopping spends & bill payments into health investments, zPlus Care has launched its unique offering to enable customers to pay for health insurance and medical expenses with health cashbacks earned on monthly shopping and bill payments. The members in the digital platform earn a no-cap, additional cashback every time they shop for groceries, traveling, fashion including credit card payments, insurance premiums, utility bills, and others. With the newly launched offering, they will be now able to use their earned cashbacks for healthcare needs such as insurance premiums, medicines, health tests, avail zer0-cost medical loans for a healthy and hassle-free living.

Commenting on this, Kirti Kumar Jain, Founder & CEO of zPlus Care said,” Health insurance should be the first thing on any individual or family’s priority list but the fact is that more than half of the Indian population has no health insurance. Every seventh Indian family is just one serious illness away from financial ruin due to lack of health coverage. High cost is the reason why many people do not have health insurance or postpone healthcare or compromise quality of health care. With this offering, we are driving larger health inclusion by turning spending on shopping into health investments with health insurance. The members will be able to prevent themselves from unforeseen medical emergencies, without paying for it with health cashbacks at zero effective cost.”

Owned by Prajna Insuretech Pvt Ltd, zPlus Care is powered by Bharat Bill Pay System and has more than 30,000 partners. It is a community of #ResponsibleTribes and the partners have created zPlus premiums plans around the theme of Care Now, Pay Later. These curated plans are based on the lifestyle of members and allow individuals to select plans with offerings up to Rs.10 lakh worth of health insurance, up to 50% discount on medicines and health tests, up to Rs 30,000 hospital cash allowance, no cost medical loans up to Rs. 1 lakh, and many others which are offered in partnership with multiple banks at zero effective costs to eligible members. While those not eligible can still own zPlus Premium plans at a highly discounted price of as low as Rs.249/- a month with above benefits.

Now, health & wealth care plan is yours, without buying it with zPlus Premium plans at zPlus care app, thanks to its unique health cashback that members earn as they enjoy living their lives without worrying about huge health care costs.

Members can select from zPlus Care’s multiple plans depending on their health and wealth goals, select a bank that pays for their plan, and repay in no-cost 12 EMIs to the bank.  Additionally, its Monthly Adherence Plan (MAP) allows members to earn health cashback higher than no-cost EMIS, making the plans completely free. The plans are co-created with market leaders in the healthcare segment such as Care Insurance, TATA 1Mg, Healthians, and Cult. fit, Kuber. club, and others to ensure best-in-class health care for members.  

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