Ahmedabad University Launches The BxMx Dual Degree Programme

3rd July 2024,Ahmedabad, India: Taking the lead towards building diverse capabilities and skills and enhancing employability, Ahmedabad University has launched the dual degree The BxMx Programme. This unique programme allows an undergraduate student to study for a Bachelor’s programme in one discipline while completing a Master’s in another in five years.

Ahmedabad University Launches The BxMx Dual Degree Programme

The innovative BxMx Programme is designed to equip undergraduate Arts and Science students with a professional degree while building strong humanistic and social competencies that are prerequisites for succeeding in a contemporary workplace. Hence, by integrating undergraduate and graduate studies, Ahmedabad University aims to create flexible employment opportunities for its students while enabling them to explore their passions.

Ahmedabad University, a research-driven liberal education university, fosters critical thinking, broadens perspectives, and builds an independent, questioning, and analytical mind. Combined with the professional degrees it offers, the University’s ecosystem significantly enhances the students’ strengths and employability across various sectors.

The new BxMx Programme aligns with the New Education Policy (NEP 2020), which strongly advocates creative combinations of different degrees to enhance critical and analytical thinking and improve employability. The programme also offers multiple entry and exit points, thereby doing away with rigid boundaries and providing opportunities for research-based specialisations and multidisciplinary work.

For example, a humanities and social sciences student aspiring to become a banker can seamlessly apply to The BxMx Programme to complete an MBA alongside their BA degree. Similarly, a student completing a BS in Mathematical and Computational Sciences or Physics can pursue a Master’s in Quantitative Finance by completing the requirements prescribed for The BxMx Programme. As the University develops other Master’s programmes, undergraduate students have access to several options for completing Master’s degrees in varied disciplines after their undergraduate education, opening the door to an exclusive educational experience.

  • Current Courses on Offer
  • BA + MBA
  • BA in Economics + MS in Quantitative Finance
  • BS in Computer Science + MS in Quantitative Finance
  • BS in Mathematical and Computational Sciences + MS in Quantitative Finance
  • BS in Physics + MS in Quantitative Finance
  • BTech + MBA
  • BA in Integrated Arts + Master of Performing Arts/Master of Fine Arts


Each Master’s programme within The BxMx Programme lays down its eligibility criteria, admission requirements, and courses as part of the programme that must be completed within the first four years. Students have the exit option to leave the programme after four years, and if they do so, they will be awarded respective undergraduate degrees. Students can enrol in The BxMx Programme at the time of joining the University or they can apply after joining the University. The programme offers multiple entry points at the end of Semesters four, five, and six upon completion of the credit and CGPA requirements.

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