Durg University Adopted Smart Exam: a powerful output by LEARNING SPIRAL

Durg University Adopted Smart Exam: a powerful output by LEARNING SPIRAL

Smart Exam, Learning Spiral’s cloud-based online exam system hosted on AWS, is used by many universities and is known for its effective and efficient functionality. Smart Exam is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire university lifecycle for more than 2.5+ million students at Durg University. It includes enrollment, pre-exam activities, exam day activities, and post-exam activities including processing results and printing grades, and test solutions. Learning Spiral assisted Durg University to eliminate manual processes through SmartExam. The entire application is hosted on AWS and protected by a strong disaster recovery system and business continuity plan. The company provides solutions for the entire student lifecycle, from online enrollment to providing results.


Smart Exam, Learning Spiral’s cloud-based online exam system hosted on AWS, is used by many universities and is known for its effective and efficient functionality. SmartExam helps over 1 million students get the right grades each year. SmartExam made the assessment process in higher education to become more effective, accurate, and transparent. Online systems have enabled universities to efficiently and effectively manage all processes, from student registration, admissions, payments, confirmations, and communications to pre-exam tasks and post-exam activities.

SmartExam is the leading web-based online exam management system for universities. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of any University [Government, Central, Adoption, Outside India]. From exam preparation to exam follow-up, SmartExam covers all exam management tasks and meets all needs.

Key features why it helps implement an effective system are as below : 

1. ENROLLMENT: Under the university management system their product SmartExam helps in online enrollment & gives students a panel on the website where they fill out their personal information and submit the data directly to the university/college.

a. Online application & payments: SmartExam helps both students and colleges to fill out Online Enrollment applications and also make online payments securely and conveniently. All of this is possible right from their mobile phones.

b. Online verification by college & then university: The system provides for a multi-level verification workflow. Colleges can verify or correct and then subsequently the University Enrollment cells can verify the information at their end.

2. PRE-EXAM : Under the university management system, their pre-examination solutions cater to your complete set of pre-examination processing activities ranging from applicant management to question bank management. Various important steps after the enrollment process and before examination come under Pre-exam activities.

a. Online forms & payments: Online forms with payment integration methods help both students and universities to do their important tasks very smoothly.

b. Centre & roll no. allocation: Proper allocation of centre & roll number is done to reduce hassle and lengthy procedures. Just by a few clicks allocation of roll number and centre is sorted through our product SMART EXAM.

c. Admit Cards & attendance sheets: One of the most important pre-exam activities is proper maintenance of Admit cards & Attendance sheets.

d. Sitting plans: Under pre-exam activities, all the sitting plans are well organised and coordinated many days before the exam.

3. POST-EXAM : It caters to the most demanding post-examination processing analytics of both question item performance and applicant performance. Their online examination solution/university examination system can help you to meet all your needs related to exam processing from result publication, and question bank management to seat allocation, etc.

4. Evaluation: Under the university management system, their innovative software solution automates manual evaluation of subjective answers to minimise the cost, time, effort, and human errors in the valuation process.

5. Confidential: Ensures Confidentiality in Question Paper Creation & Delivery System. All the student details, requirements, facilities in online exam centres across India to ensure the centre has best infrastructure, internet connection and power backup.

6. Communication: Under the university management system, Communication is one of the necessary areas that help to make the process easy, fast and reliable.

7. Reports: Smart Exam provides insightful reporting into payments received and due, refunds given, statistical analysis of enrolled students, and all other reporting formats essential to efficiently manage the enrollment processes.

8. Finance & Store: Integrate remuneration of valuers, papers setters, etc, Online payments & split payments between college & university, Manage assets like answer booklet, stationery, etc.

Products such as UCanAssess and Smart Exam meet demanding high stake exam criteria. Learning Spiral focuses on using information technology and AI to provide solutions and services for educational institutions, colleges, schools, colleges, employment agencies, and assessment agencies. Learning Spiral, a provider of online exam solutions, understands assessment and candidate management better than any other organisation. Learning Spiral routinely delivers more than a million assessments through different modes in a demanding and high stake environment.

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